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Edible Wildflower Seeds

Bespoke playhouse specialist Wallgarden is launching a seed mix of edible wildflowers.

Working with award-winning garden designer and Chelsea medallist Sarah Eberle, the collection has been carefully selected to bring colour to your garden and flavour to your plate. Above all it is designed to encourage families to celebrate and interact with their garden. Sarah Eberle’s unique seed selection will inspire parents to teach children not only about gardening, but about how their food can be grown.

‘A garden is often a child’s introduction to nature, a beautiful environment to engage with and enjoy all things green. Sowing seeds with your children is not only a wonderful way to inspire a love of their own garden, but this unique collection will also help teach them about where their food comes from and how it arrives on their plates.’

Sarah Eberle, multi-award winning landscape designer; 15 times RHS Gold Medallist

The collection of native and non-native plant varieties includes Borage, Chicory, Great Burnet, Hedge Garlic, Meadowsweet, Red Clover, Salad Burnet, Wild Basil, Wild Garlic and Wild Marjoram.

About Wallgarden:
• Wallgarden creates bespoke playhouses and inspirational children’s gardens. Our work enables families to enjoy being outside all year round.
• Our playhouses and gardens are magical environments, providing children with a unique space of their own. Everything inside the playhouse and out is exclusively tailored for each project and family’s individual interests

‘Our business is a celebration of the outdoors, and for most children that connection starts at home, in their garden. Wallgarden’s work with Sarah combines our great passions and shared belief that gardens should be relevant, beautiful and useable places, which inspire a lifelong interest for all the family.’

Nadine Charlton, Founder and Director

For more details or further comment please contact Nadine Charlton : 07502 355 536;

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