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Waitrose analysis of the key factors affecting online sales

04 May 2016 15:30


My Digital Shelf are offering a complimentary presentation by Richard Luck, eCommerce Manager at Waitrose, on how FMCG brands can build a lasting relationship with the online shopper.

The supermarket giant spoke at the Online & Digital Grocery Summit 2015 on the importance of grasping “the digital opportunity” in a time when online sales provide a significant source of revenue for FMCG brands.

The presentation sets out the necessary goals for grocery brands to follow and emphasises the importance of growing awareness around a product in the online channel in order to gain clicks and lasting impressions.

According to Richard, a reliable way of guaranteeing sales is to secure a place in an online shopper’s “Favourites List”, which means that they will automatically be suggested for purchase when a shopper returns to the retailer’s online platform. This will ideally lead to a purchase from the consumer’s browsing session, and in turn, create sales post session and grow a lasting relationship.

To learn more about how to increase your online sales, follow the link to access the full presentation:!waitrose-presentation/mfz6z 

To hear more from Waitrose on the factors affecting an online sale, as well as how to create a successful and lucrative online brand campaign, Glenn Ticehurst, eCommerce Media Manager, will be speaking at the upcoming Online & Digital Grocery Summit (24th May, Hilton Tower Bridge London)

For more information about the event, visit the website here or get in touch with the Conference Director on

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