VoxSmart selected to be part of the 2017 "Singapore's FinTech Festival" with over S$1.55 million of prizes and grants
The Singapore FinTech Festival has made available S$1.55 million (£900,000) of awards and grants through its Global FinTech Hackcelerator and associated FinTech Awards.

The Singapore Global FinTech Hackcelerator has selected the best twenty Global FinTech companies to attend the Singapore FinTech Festival between 13-17 November 2017. These companies were selected by a global panel of judges. Each Hackcelerator company has very attractive and potentially radical technology to improve either payments, financial planning, affordable finance, alternative finance in rural regions in the developing world or risk management for compliance and regulatory controls. These companies have individually received a S$20,000 cash stipend, mentorship, development infrastructure and technological support, as well as industry and network connections in Singapore and globally through the attendees at the conference.

Two companies from the United Kingdom have been selected for the Hackcelerator confirming it amongst the leaders in global FinTech, other countries to have two finalists include India. Isreal, USA and Malaysia. The companies selected in the UK include; VoxSmart a global leader in the monitoring and recording of mobile and fixed voice communication and instant messaging to allow financial organisations to fully comply with mandatory regulations in EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America; and Aid:Tech, a company focussed on using technology to improve the delivery of welfare, aid and donations via digital identity.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") and Association of Banks in Singapore ("ABS") have provided S$1.15 million of awards for the best and most innovative global and domestic FinTech companies. The winners of these awards will be announced at the Singapore FinTech Festival, each award recipient will receive between S$50,000 and S$250,000.

Oliver Blower, CEO of VoxSmart said,

“VoxSmart is delighted to have been selected for this leading global FinTech event in Singapore. FinTech has shown it can positively harness the power of technology to disrupt established financial companies by improving the services it offers to clients. The MAS and ABS are setting a world standard for the development of FinTech globally.”

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About VoxSmart

Proprietary, patented and award-winning mobile technology developed to capture, record, store, transcribe and analyse all your mobile calls, messages and voicemail using one platform, globally.