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Voice At The Table

Voice At The Table Background Information

21 December 2015 18:30


About Voice At The Table

Voice At The Table ( is a London-based diversity and inclusion consultancy with the core aim of providing companies and their female workforce with the tools to progress and contribute authentically at work.

The consultancy provides training, mentoring and coaching programmes designed for both corporate clients and individuals. These programmes are designed to deliver skills such as improved self-confidence and communication, dynamic leadership, authentic contribution and empowered women.

Voice At The Table takes a two-pronged approach. Firstly, it aims to transform corporate culture in order to facilitate women’s particular talents, to uncover the potential to deliver a stronger business with more women in leadership, to change the model of leadership to a more collaborative style with emphasis on emotional intelligence for leaders and to promote an adaptable working environment for both women and men.

Secondly, Voice At The Table intends to unlock the full potential of women by building confidence, changing internal dialogue and challenging assumptions.

Voice At The Table’s Training Academy for Professional Women offers monthly open courses and bespoke in-house workshops addressing both soft skills and team management inclusivity. These run in four areas; confidence, resilience, initiative and learning. The sessions raise both self and corporate awareness and build motivation.

The consultancy was founded by Rina Goldenberg Lynch and is made up of a core team supported by other associates, experts, trainers and facilitators.

About Rina Goldenberg Lynch

Rina Goldenberg Lynch is the founder and managing director of Voice At The Table. She is an Accredited Associate Executive Coach and a qualified ILM Level 5 trainer.

Rina worked for 20 years as a City lawyer and executive and so has a wealth of skills that a corporate career imparts. In recent years,

Rina has been working on diversity and inclusion matters (D&I), including strategy development and initiatives. She has experience coaching and mentoring women across the board in corporate, not-for-profit and entrepreneurial sectors. Rina’s belief is that confidence is the key ingredient to a woman’s success and focuses on building confidence as part of all the services offered by Voice At The Table.

Voice At The Table Ltd, 35 Wimbledon Hill Road, London, SW19 7NB

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About Voice At The Table

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