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Tony Robinson OBE

One Million to give to #MicroBizMattersDay - thanks to Inspirational Women

22 December 2015 13:00


Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE co-founders and co-funders of Enterprise Rockers CIC and #MicroBizMattersDay January 8th 2016 announced 'We're confident that our target of at least one million micro business owners giving at least eight minutes (#IGave8) to help another micro business owner will be achieved. In fact we're already planning our third #MicroBizMattersDay on January 13th 2017 when we'll target 10 million globally'.

Tina said 'It's very exciting and the culmination of 4 years hard work proving we don't compete with anyone or ask for fees, sign ups or memberships. We're indie and informal and only concerned with making life better for micro business owners everywhere. We promote every single organisation and network that is great for micro business owners and that's why all the major small business membership organisations are actively promoting the day - FSB, FPB, Enterprise Nation, IOEE, IAB, National Enterprise Network and many more.

Larger companies that want to help their indie business owner customers have been great too, so, for example, PFU - a Fujitsu Company, Microsoft, Sage UK, Aldermore Bank and Policy Bee have backed us to the hilt. You media guys have been great too , for example Start Your Business Magazine, Start Your Own Business, Business Zone, UK Start Ups, Business Matters, Share Radio and many more. For one day, at least, we unite to really make a difference'.

Tony said 'It's a great way for the 95% of businesses, with nine or less employees, and 75% have no employees, to kick off the New Year helping each other with gaining customers, improving cash-flow or increasing confidence. It's really all due to a number of totally inspiring women. Tina, our co-founder of course, who is the greatest leader and organiser of networks of volunteers that I've ever met.

Also very influential has been what Victoria Lennox has achieved with Start Up Canada - a grass roots eco system of support like ours is now. Kanya King MBE, founder of the MOBO Awards, was our inspiration as to what can be achieved by a broadcast event for a massive, global community. We use 8 hours live streaming and social media but one day the major broadcasters will take #MicroBizMattersDay too - as long as they don't interfere"

The 8 hours live streaming takes place from Portobello Business Centre in London and press are welcome (there is a #NoHatNoEntry rule) to meet with the many guests giving their tips, including Penny PowerOBE, Charlie Mullins OBE, Emma Jones MBE, Laura Henry, Tina Fotherby, Lorraine Allman, Chris Percival, Sway and Tim Campbell MBE.

All details of the day, including a media kit, are at which is where a 12 page downloadable programme for January 8th will appear - nearer the time.

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Press Contacts

Tony Robinson OBE

Co-founder Enterprise Rockers, Chair Business Advisory Bureau Limited and SFEDI Founder

Tel: 07715 749079


About Tony Robinson OBE

Tony Robinson OBE is known as the Micro Business Champion. He is an authority on micro enterprise and is a professional speaker and writer on this subject. He also writes poetry and fiction with his latest novel (November 2017) being 'Loose Cannon' and his most well known work being the fictional satire 'Freedom from Bosses Forever'.

Tony has also founded and directed a number of social enterprises to improve the quality of learning and support for new enterprise owners. The most famous of these is the SFEDI Group which includes the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. The most recent is Enterprise Rockers CIC which promotes the #MicroBizMatters global movement and the annual #MicroBizMatters Day.

Tony is on a never ending tour with his 'Micro is Magic' Conference talk which suggests that for the majority of business owners there is a better way than the American Way to start up, survive and thrive.

In January 2012, Tony Robinson OBE, co-founded the independent, informal, free to join in, no contact details required, #MicroBizMatters Movement. @MicroBizMatters , part of Enterprise Rockers CIC , has one aim and five campaigns.

The aim is to make life better for micro (0-9 employees and up to £2million turnover) enterprise owners around the world and the campaigns are #PayIn30Days; Indie25ER; #NotAnSME; #CallOutTheBizBullies and #MicroBizMatters Day.

Co-founder and co-funder of the Enterprise Rockers, Tina Boden, and Tony spent a year testing the concept and recruiting well known entrepreneurs as Head Roadies and Band Leaders to launch the movement. The movement does no lobbying as it is about micro enterprise helping micro enterprise. The co-founders call this the #PowerOfPlenty.

Since launch they have attracted many Friends of the Enterprise Rockers. These are networks of micro enterprise owners within membership organisations and client/customer groups. Hundreds of thousands of self employed and business owners have been helped by this informal, self help movement.

The success of their campaigns and their film 'What Makes Enterprise Rock?' inspired the co-founders to organise the first global, #MicroBizMattersDay on the third anniversary of the Enterprise Rockers CIC, January 9th 2015. Tony and Tina interviewed business owners and celebrity entrepreneurs and live streamed from Google for Work in London, supported by Sage UK.

The second global #MicroBizMattersDay took place on January 8th 2016 with 8 hours live streaming from Portobello Business Centre. Business owners around the world give 8 minutes to help other business owners and the day was supported by all the major business membership organisations with headline support from ScanSnap (a Fujitsu company), Microsoft and Sage. The day trended on twitter for 5 hours and the target of over one million business owners being involved was exceeded.

The third #MicroBizMattersDay took place on January 13th 2017 with the Main Event Partner being Pimlico Plumbers and International Development Partner being ScanSnap (a Fujitsu Company). Again it was the biggest social media event for business owners and trended on twitter for over 7 hours. The day presents 8 learning hours and is truly a day of Recognition, Action (#IGave13) and Learning.

The fourth #MicroBizMattersDay takes place on 12th January 2018 with the main event and live broadcasting being hosted by XYZ Works - an amazing new co-working and events space on three floors in the heart of Manchester's financial area.

Tony and Tina's famous friends have supported #MicroBizMatters Day throughout and they include Tim Campbell MBE, Sway (Mercury Award winner), Kanya King MBE, Penny Power OBE, Emma Jones MBE, Chris Percival, Charlie Mullins OBE. Michelle Dorrell, Laura Henry and Elaine Clark.

Tony and Tina have individual micro enterprises, both for longer than 20 years, and are well known in the UK for their work to support and promote start ups and business ownership. Tony and Tina are Small and Micro Business Ambassadors for a number of organisations, events and campaigns. Tina is a founder ambassador of Small Business Saturday.

Tony received an OBE for services to small firms in 2001 and received two lifetime awards for enterprise in 2012 (from the IAB at the House of Commons) and 2013 (from Start Your Business Magazine). He founded the SFEDI Group in 1996 and remains a co-owner. He is co-founder and a Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. He is also a NED of Yorkshire Coast Enterprise Agency.

He co-founded in 1986, and still runs, (Executive Chair) with Clare Francis (Company Secretary), the Business Advisory Bureau Limited.. The Business Advisory Bureau Limited specialises in assisting large organisations, private and public sector, to engage with and supply small and micro enterprise owners. The other Directors are Tina Boden (Managing) and Nigel Hudson (Research & Learning)

Tony has written seven books of which the best known is the fictional political and business satire with practical own business tips;- "Freedom from Bosses Forever". It is available as kindle book, paperback and audio book.

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