US actor Wendell Pierce, better known as "The Bunk/ Detective Bunk Moreland" in HBO's seminal TV series "The Wire" and "Robert Zane" in the TV show "Suits", recorded an exclusive interview with TV podcast "The Wire: Stripped".

In the podcast conversation, Wendell Pierce talks about how he first auditioned for "The Wire" and how a real-life police incident helped him to bag the role of Detective Bunk Moreland. He also talks about favourite scenes, his regrets, why he nearly quit the show and his relationship with British actor Dominic West who played "McNulty". Towards the end of the interview, Pierce talks about his current roles and talks TV show "Suits" and remarks on co-star Meghan Markle and her relationship with a "red-headed gentleman with a pedigree".

"The Wire: Stripped" is a podcast reviewing each episode of "The Wire" and is to the HBO show what "The West Wing Weekly" is to the West Wing. It goes out every Thursday. The episode containing the Wendell Pierce interview is a bonus episode of the show that is available now

"The Wire: Stripped" is currently the #1 TV and Film Podcast ( on Apple Podcasts and iTunes and can be found on the Apple Podcasts App (, aCast ( and Stitcher (

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15 years ago, HBO released a show that nobody was talking about. But then, slowly, everyone started to realise that The Wire might just be the greatest show of all time.

Dave and Kobi are going back to the Baltimore pits to rewatch EVERY EPISODE in our new podcast – The Wire: Stripped.

We’ll break down the lingo - like re-ups, burners and wiretaps.We’ll analyse key scenes too. We talk to key cast members, including Frankie Faison, better known as Deputy Commissioner Burrell, Lance Reddick who played Lieutenant Daniels, And of course, the one, the only… the Bunk. Wendell Pierce.

Also, listen out to celebrity guests and superfans. So dust off your DVD boxset…. well, dust off your…. Streaming service… and join us as we revisit the greatest TV show ever made, by creating the greatest podcast ever made. Probably.