Full Size Northern Line Tube tent on Brighton Beach

Letterpress by the sea
28-29 May 12-6pm
Hove lawns as part of Brighton Festival

A pop-up letterpress print studio arrives in Brighton for the festival housed in a full size London Underground Tube carriage tent by the beach! Watch and learn the letterpress process from highly experienced letterpress artists Pat Randle (Nomad Press) and Nick Loaring (The Print Project). Watch them setting type, inking up and printing using a press. Have a go at printing a poster yourself and select an artist’s print to take away with you.
Supported by Monster Factory. In partnership with Brighton Festival

The Village of Type
The centenary of Edward Johnston’s typeface design for the Underground, and Ditchling’s wider importance for typography, lettering and letterpress, is marked this summer by The Village of Type: a programme of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, residencies and events in Ditchling, Brighton, London and beyond. The Village of Type programme brings to life the excitement and beauty of lettering, typography and letterpress print through a dynamic and theatrical season of events for type-nerds, families or those just interested in stunning design from the last hundred years to the present day.

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