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Towers Design & Social Marley

UK Teenager Celebrates Six Years in Business - and his 17th Birthday!

15 September 2015 16:15

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 15 September 2015 12:00

Towers Design was created on 20th September 2009 a few months after Ben Towers was asked to create a website for a friend. From that first £50 sale, over 10 times Ben’s weekly pocket money, Towers Design has grown into a company that employs 15 consultants and has over 750 clients.

Ben says “While in general conversation at an awards event last night with Young Start Up Talent in East Kent the whole subject of celebrating successes came up – not surprising as it was an awards event after all! Everyone said we should celebrate more, even those small successes that don’t mean much in the scheme of things. Now I don’t usually celebrate business anniversaries personally but last night’s discussion got me thinking and coincided with the time of year when I get a regular call from HMRC to discuss what we’re doing in the business, so I thought as they’ve reminded me it’s that time of year too, why not celebrate it!”

To celebrate this anniversary, Ben who coincidentally has also just had his 17th birthday wants to give all his customers a special offer on what not only is the best seller, but Ben believes makes an lasting impact – business cards and personal calling cards. Ben says “One thing I’ve learned is that the first impression you give someone is that lasting impression they will remember you by. What better than to give them a high quality business card that lasts long after you say ‘thank you’ or ‘bye’ and reflects your personal and business brand.”

So here’s the offer – 1000 (one thousand) high quality business cards – for £33 including free delivery (anywhere in the UK)
· 450gsm (that’s quality and thick)
· Full colour
· Double sided (lets you really say who you are)
· Laminated both sides – or one side – your choice
· 3 day turnaround with free delivery anywhere in the UK
Offer closes on midnight on the 20th September 2015 (use coupon "HappyBirthdayBen" at

Ben further said “We’re going through several changes in Towers Design as I’ve been able to focus more on the business having finished my GCSEs and my new journey with Social Marley is only just starting. So I’d also like to say a big thank you to all my team, past and present, all of whom are older than me and specialists in their own fields who have been hugely supportive over the years. Special thanks to all those including family, friends and business colleagues that have supported and encouraged me in every new step I took. It’s been a fun and amazing experience and I’m really excited by the future.”

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About Towers Design & Social Marley

About Ben Towers
Ben is one of the UK’s most successful young entrepreneurs. A prolific public speaker, Ben has presented to The Business Show, Prysm Group and The Federation of Small Businesses among others. His exploits have been featured extensively by the BBC, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times and many leading professional and media organisations.
About Towers Design
Started by Ben Towers when he was just 11 years old, Towers Design is a thriving, multi-award winning Kent based full service digital agency offering design, printing, website development and hosting services to clients in Kent and London.

About Social Marley
Social Marley the latest company to be created by leading young entrepreneur Ben Towers. Launching soon, the platform is set to change how social media can be managed for small and medium sized businesses of all kinds.
For more information, including how to invest in this exciting project, contact

NGBT - NGBT was started by Ben Towers and his business partner Neville Gaunt after they both realised how quickly the gap is increasing between school and employment. NGBT consists of going into schools and colleges to try and education and train young people to be work-ready and also educating employers on what to expect from employing a young person. NGBT also is looking to start its own UK young speakers agency helping to encourage collaboration and sharing.

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