HealthUnlocked (, one of the world’s largest social networks for patients, is teaming up with Patient Power (, the pioneering channel that features online videos with experts for cancer patients. The goal is to facilitate more active discussions among cancer experts and cancer patients and family members who live in the U.S. and fill a need not satisfied by Facebook or most patient advocacy organizations.

London based HealthUnlocked attracts more than 3.5m visits a month to its 600 healthcare communities from people all over the world, although the US is the largest group of users representing over one third of all visits. As the company seeks to provide more support to US patients it sees Patient Power as a highly desirable strategic partner. “We have always admired Patient Power for the quality and topicality of its video content, and it deserves more exposure along with the interactive patient-to-patient conversations our platform facilitates,” says HealthUnlocked co-founder Dr. Matt Jameson Evans.

Patient Power, the producer of more than 2,000 videos for cancer patients, will create additional communities on HealthUnlocked focusing on the needs of US patients who have conditions including several blood cancers and solid tumors. “We see this as different from what’s on Facebook,” says Patient Power founder Andrew Schorr. “These will be disease-specific conversations for people in the US healthcare system and on a platform that doesn’t mingle with other aspects of a patient’s private life.”

Because of the quickening pace of change in cancer research, HealthUnlocked and Patient Power will also work together to step up education of patients about clinical trials, invite their input about research directions, and make them aware of clinical trial and market research opportunities that might be right for them. “Over 70% of people that join our network want to take part in research in order to advance knowledge of disease and through HealthUnlocked we can easily connect them with the organisations running this research” says Jameson-Evans.

Andrew Schorr, who has faced two cancer diagnoses himself, says the timing of this partnership is important, “If we really want to help patients with serious diagnoses like cancer, innovative organizations like ours must work together to help patients know they are not alone and to put them in a more powerful position to get the best care. I am excited about the marriage of online conversation and education that we will accomplish together for US cancer patients and their loved ones.”

Patient Power’s new US-oriented cancer communities can be found here and will be growing over the next months:

MPNs America
CLL AmericaL
Myeloma America


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HealthUnlocked is a web platform and mobile application, which allows users to join moderated online health communities in which they can:
Gain access to useful information and relevant services,
Seek advice, support and mentorship from people like them,
Be empowered to make better healthcare decisions,
Help advance medical research and understanding.

Key Facts and Figures:
Launched in 2012 in London,
>300,000 Members spread across the globe,
>600 communities generating more than 3.5m visits a month,
70% of our members want to take part in research,
HealthUnlocked’s platform is used as a clinical tool in 75 hospitals in the UK.

Connecting with other people in one of the many online communities helps users to better manage their health by gaining access to relevant health information, trusted advice and peer support. All communities are moderated by experts and cover a huge variety of health topics from cancer to running and everything in between.

HealthUnlocked provides valuable services to patient organisations, care providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and research organisations, which are designed to enhance care delivery, reduce utilisation of healthcare resource and provide unique access to real world patient insight and information.
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