HealthTech companies have continued to enjoy strong VC support in 2016. What is, however, particularly interesting, is the growing number of doctor-founded businesses that have attracted strong interest in recent months. In fact, the industry has begun to coin these hybrid entrepreneurs as "Doctorpreneurs."

The number of Doctorpreneurs have been growing in the last few years as UK-based doctors, perhaps somewhat disenchanted with the negative sentiment surrounding the NHS have increasingly been turning their attention on innovative solutions in healthcare. The entrepreneurial diaspora has laid the groundwork that has led to a number of revolutionary digital healthcare companies receiving funding over the past few months.

As in any sector, however, only a few of these companies have gone on to secure Series A funding from established venture firms. In the UK, only two doctor-founded companies: Touch Surgery ( and Doctify (, have been able to escape orbit and give themselves the chance to continue their passionate desire to drive innovation in health. The hope is that many more doctors will derive comfort from these successes.

Doctify was co-founded by two NHS trauma surgeons, Dr Stephanie Eltz and Dr Suman Saha. The pair met whilst operating together at UCH in London and quickly found that they shared a passion for lateral thinking and a drive to make innovate within the healthcare sector.

Doctify builds software for doctors and offers a booking platform for patients. The founders are passionate about connecting patients and doctors with one touch of a button. Within seconds, patients can search, compare and book an appointment with the specialist they need in an area near them for free.

Speaking the day after the announcement, Doctify co-founder, Dr Stephanie Eltz said: "Doctify is now well on its way to establishing a dominant position in the UK digital healthcare space. We feel proud at having been backed by a VC like Amadeus Capital and promise to do our utmost to deliver incredible things in the future."

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For every one of us, the most precious thing we have is our health. Need a GP, dermatologist, dentist or cardiologist? allows you to search, compare and book a medical specialist in less than 60 seconds.

Doctify has established itself as the leading UK start-up in its sector. The company provides SaaS solutions for healthcare specialists across 47 medical specialists, enabling the thousands of patients using Doctify every month to improve the way they access healthcare. Doctify’s vision is to place its products in the hands of every healthcare provider and patient with a suite of interconnected mobile and web-based products is well on its way.

Doctify was recently awarded a prize by HRH The Duke of York in a competition run to identify companies that would likely drive future innovation in the UK HealthTech sector. In October 2016, Doctify announced that it had closed a Series A round led by top UK VC, Amadeus Capital.

Doctify is driven by a passionate belief that technology-led innovation can help drive greater transparency and access to healthcare: we are a HealthTech platform and we are building a revolutionary backbone for healthcare providers, doctors and patients.