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The Just Loans Group PLC


18 May 2016 20:00

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Time is the enemy for UK SMEs looking for business finance and trying to juggle inevitable cash flow challenges claims one of the UK's leading alternative lenders.

"Customers consistently tell us that time is the enemy both when they are applying for finance and having to manage daily cash flow challenges,” says John Davies, Director of Just Cash Flow PLC," Business owners are constantly on the move and constantly juggling the many demands on their time."

To counter these issues Just Cashflow has launched two new innovative initiatives, both of which are first of their kind for a European alternative lender. Card access to business finance at the point of sale with its BusinessPlus Prepaid MasterCard® Card ( ) and a mobile app that allows its customers to manage their finances on the go with just a few clicks on their mobile phones.

Time is also an issue when SMEs are initially applying for the finance they need to grow and develop their businesses as it can take weeks to get a bank appointment and eventually get an answer.

To address this, Just Cashflow has invested heavily in developing PropensityPlus its own proprietary FinTech driven underwriting module that, as the name suggests, uses technology to gain insight into the propensity for both directors and businesses to be successful in the future. The technology provides a wide variety of current and historical data points, many of which aren't being used by traditional banks and other lenders. Decisions can be made quickly and funds available in a matter of days.

The 'Plus' refers to highly experienced underwriters then taking the time to understand the business, future plans and what the finance is needed for.

"The irony is that this is what business banking used to be like - dealing with someone who was interested in your business and able to make timely decisions," John adds.

"Alternative lenders like us are using FinTech to both provide the finance SMEs urgently need and to give them back the time they need to concentrate on running their businesses."


Martin Rutland Head of Public Relations

Just Cash Flow PLC
1 Charterhouse Mews,
London EC1M 6BB
07768 882525

Just Cash Flow PLC is registered at 1 Charterhouse Mews, Farringdon, London EC1M 6BB under company number 08508165

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Press Contacts

Martin Rutland

Head of Communications

Tel: 07768882525


About The Just Loans Group PLC

The Group entered the UK alternative finance sector in 2012 with the aim of provoding a real alternative to Business Banking and has built a robust, scalable, Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant process for on boarding Corporate Borrowers in the UK and eventually Europe. This has been achieved through increasingly using FinTech to streamline the application process and deliver exceptional customer experience.
The Just Loans Group is the parent company of the award winning Just Cash Flow PLC which specialises in providing revolving cash facilities to SMEs to assist with smoothing the peaks and troughs of working capital.
The Just Loans Group is the first alternative commercial lender to be a Professional Associate Member of the British Banking Association.

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