In 2017, TVSC will be heading into its 4th trading annum. In their continued support of the board sports community they have decided that, in 2017, they will be donating all of their profits to a selection of chosen charitable partners. Created to promote and support the board sports industry here within the UK, TVSC are keen advocates of the great work that these charities are doing to make the UK a better place to slide sideways.

Company founder Paul Vale said "In 2017, TVSC will be heading into its 4th trading annum. As our business continues to grow, we find ourselves now in a position whereby we are able to start making financial contributions to the boarding community. As we thought more and more about where we wanted to take TVSC, we agreed that our main wish was to give something back to the sports that we take so much enjoyment from. The charities we are supporting do so much for UK board sports so we are stoked to be able to give something back. We hope that this initiative will help to raise awareness across the board for all of the organisations involved and spread the message far and wide."

With every purchase at, the option will be given as to which charity the customer would like to donate, will 100% of proceeds going to that nominee. You can find out more about TVSc and they're charitable donations by visiting

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