According to Dr. Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens: A brief History of Humankind) our last cognitive revolution was 35000 years ago – isn’t it about time we had another? Our poor old brains are simply not equipped for our highly pressured, fast-paced, technology led environments.
Without serious consideration or acknowledgement of this impact on individuals within organisations (think disparate work forces, 4 generations working together, global expectations of availability 24/7 etc. etc.) the future is potentially cataclysmic. How can we possibly even begin to build (genuine) personal relationships and therefore trust each other? After all people are 6x more likely to enter an agreement with someone they like.
Well actually we can. With a greater understanding of the part the exciting insights from neuroscience plays in our unique physiology, greater successes (founded in trust) are achievable. BUT how many organisations will embrace this powerful science in their ongoing learning and development to remain ahead of their game – to use science to get back to basics? How many will stick to teaching outdated leadership & management rhetoric? Millennials and Gen Z are expecting more development opportunities from their employers than any previously. Harvard Business Review quote ‘what Millennials want most from a new job is opportunity to learn and grow’ and to attract and retain high level candidates organisations need to be aware of these expectations and how to fulfil them.
‘To be a success tomorrow we need to prepare today’.
Intelligent Conversations Development (ICD) believe passionately that the answer to true organisational behavioural change lies in really understanding ourselves and each other – the chemical make up that is ‘us’ and rediscovering the power of trust – and their Communication and Negotiation & Influencing training and coaching tools and techniques reflect this.
Melanie Lilley, co-founder says:
‘We started ICD over two years ago after learning more and more about the impact of neuroscience on our ability to positively influence and alter chemical states in ourselves and others. Ongoing research keeps all our training and coaching alive and up to the minute. My personal dopamine hit? The light bulb moment when someone realises they have the power to successfully manage their interactions and communication, after all every interaction causes a reaction.
The core of our training draws on neuroscience insights and turns this into applicable frameworks and strategies to help manage all interactions to maximise outcomes, be it in a 1:1 meeting or high stake negotiations’
Founded by two women with a passion for understanding human behaviour the co-founders are also keen advocates of embracing gender differences, so enlightening both genders and enabling the creation of a more collaborative workforce (including supporting females when negotiating and communicating, particularly in light of recent pay disparity revelations and lack of female representation at top level and in STEM – only 9% of UK engineers are women, for example).
Through her role as a freelance negotiation trainer & coach with one of the recognised global leaders, Melanie became more and more interested in this evidence based approach - not only what makes people behave the way they do and why, but also how to benefit from this knowledge.
Ellen comes from a research background in psychology and neuroscience and together they deliver what they believe to be the most up to the minute, relevant and empowering preparation for future organisational success.
Start by building trust – the cornerstone of any successful relationship.
Please contact Melanie: 07971008848/Ellen 07912 615016 or visit

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