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Measuring your marketing activity matters more today than it ever did. With the pace that stories come and go today, influenced of course by social media and digital platforms, it’s never been more important to get an accurate picture of the impact your marketing activity is having on your business and your brand.
Measuring your marketing activity gives you valuable insights into what your clients are looking for and what they think about your brand. It’s this type of data that can ensure you make the right business decisions and work proactively towards improving your online performance, whether that’s measured via website traffic, brand recognition or reputation management.

Cloud Media Insight Delivering Valuable Data

At Cloud Media Insight, we’ve been working with companies across the world for several years, helping them understand the impact their marketing is having on their business and showing them how their brands are perceived in their fields. Our expertise come from being about to find the data that matters amongst all the noise and present it in a way which is both informative and can be fed back into projects and activity to improve performance metrics and KPIs.

Understanding Customer Sentiment

Our strength lies in our team’s ability to tap into and understand customer sentiment around our client’s brands. Our approach has been developed and refined over several years to the point where our integrated evaluation approach provides bespoke media reports for our clients which track and measure agreed metrics across all media channels and are presented in an easy to follow visual style which includes value added analysis and commentary.

Committed to Delivering Real Value Anywhere in the World

Our reports help clients to plan and assert control over media conversations wherever they are taking place. Working daily with global clients, we are committed to providing multi-national reporting services, including translation of media mentions across a wide range of languages. This commitment is helping our clients to expand their reach and create brand advocates across the world.

About Cloud Media Insight
Press Contacts: Jonathan Debrick
Tel: 01473 407016
Email: jonathan.debrick@cloudinsight.co.uk

Launched in 2012, Cloud Media Insight is a specialist media monitoring and evaluation company providing added-value insight and interpretation of both social and traditional media. Offering excellent value and flexibility, we aim to cut through the ‘grab-and-go’ culture of automated reporting. We create bespoke reports which help our clients steer their business and marketing strategies.

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