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Ros Gilman

Touring Concert Violinist, turned Songwriter and Music Producer Ros Gilman, announced as a 2016 SongDoor Award Finalist

16 January 2017 20:42


Multi-Award Nominee, Ros Gilman, Musician, Songwriter, and Film Music Composer, has been shortlisted for a prestigious SongDoor Award within the Instrumental category, for his piece Magical Voyage.

Ros Gilman’s talent as a skilled Violinist, Composer, Conductor, Songwriter and Orchestrator and an emerging talent within the Music and Film Industry, comes after years of dedication and focus on his craft. Gilman attended some of the most illustrious education facilities, including; Gnessin School of Music, Moscow, the University of Music and performing Arts, Vienna and Royal College of Music, London. Therefore, as the only UK artist within the SongDoor Instrumental category, Ros Gilman’s work holds its own amongst fierce competition.

SongDoor was created back in 2006 so that artists who really care about the craft of songwriting could have a place to get their music heard, have an honest good chance of getting some credible recognition for their work, and end up with something tangible for their effort.

Gilman stated;
“I am very proud to be shortlisted as a nominee in this category. The desire of any artist is to do what you love and to be able to earn a living out of doing what you love. This nomination by SongDoor means that my hard work and skills are being recognised amongst my peers and within the industry. There are moments when a musician's career path can feel lonely and difficult, and it's moments like these, that give me the strength and encouragement to carry on.”

The Grand Award winner and the six Category Winners will be announced on January 22, 2017, along with the Honorable Mentions.

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About Ros Gilman

Ros Gilman was a touring concert violinist and second leader of the European Philharmonic Orchestra. After a hand injury abruptly ended his promising violin career, he fought his way back into the music industry reinventing himself as a composer, conductor and music producer. After several years of education at the University of Music, Vienna and the Royal College of Music, London, Ros earned his Master's degree in Composition and has since continued to follow his passion in Music and create original score for film, TV, short film, adverts and more. Most recently, after completing a diploma in music business he is set to debut his highly emotional and fully self-funded EP "Fantasies" in the exciting new crossover genre Ros himself has dubbed "cinematic pop".

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