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ben wright

Top British stuntman joins Oscar drive to recognise unsung heroes

02 July 2014 17:48


Despite the dangers, physical stress and remarkable efforts that stuntmen and stuntwomen go to to enhance the performance of the big screen actors and position them for Oscars, the 'hidden faces' taking the risks are going unnoticed.
Ben Wright, a 6ft 3 star in his own right in blockbusters like Snow White, where he was the huntsman's double, Thor 2, Guardians of The Galaxy, Captain America, and many others, rehearses endlessly to perfect his stunts and wow the audiences. Putting down his decade of daredevil acts to his gymnastic experience and obsessive physical training, he makes the point that frequently the pieces of a film most remembered by an audience are often created by the stunts industry.
'There is a whole movement including some heavy weight Hollywood actors driving for the Oscars and other awards recognition for the stuntmen and women putting their body's on the line in the interests of creating an exceptional film,' he says. ' Sure, it is right to acknowledge the actors they do a fantastic job, but it is about time that the Stunt Industry gets the recognition that it deserves. I am sure there are hundreds of people wanting to know who actually did the stunts they go home talking about.
With several films, in which he features, currently awaiting release Ben is determined to raise the game on behalf of the industry and push for its recognition alongside the other departments of movie making that receive Baftas and Oscars.

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About ben wright

International Stunt Man.
I have been a Stunt Man for 10 years.

My background is Gymnastics and martial arts, but really I am an adrenaline junkie with a massive passion for health and fitness.
I am a co-owner of an online Health website for the over 40's.

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