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Top 7 Ways To Enjoy Granola - One For Every Day of National Breakfast Week !

25 January 2016 14:15


Granola is a delicious breakfast or snack to enjoy throughout the day. Here are some delicious ideas to tempt your taste buds for National Breakfast Week…

1. Granola is delicious simply served with a spoonful of low fat Greek yoghurt, a few fresh raspberries and skimmed milk, sets you up for the day!

2. Rich and toasty Granola is perfect with a few fresh banana slices and cold almond milk, especially if you have a dairy intolerance.

3. Warm up on a cold day with Granola and gently heated milk, leave it to soak through for just a couple of minutes to warm it through without letting it go soggy.

4. For a decadent breakfast make a delicious and healthy yogurt parfait with granola. Spoon fresh fruit such as sliced peaches, raspberries or strawberries into a tall glass, then add a spoonful of yogurt and a spoonful of granola. Continue layering these ingredients until the glass is as full as desired. Terribly impressive but so simple.

5. For a fun kid-friendly breakfast make Granola Banana Splits! Slice the banana in half lengthways and then fill the middle with yoghurt ice-cream, a few strawberries and a good sprinkling of granola. For extra indulgence pour over a little hot chocolate, or maybe serve a cup on the side.

6. A healthy accompaniment to Granola is a homemade smoothie – a green one made with avocado, apple, spinach, ginger and any other goodies you have in the fridge is delicious. We use frozen spinach to chill it to the perfect temperature.

7. Granola makes a perfect desk side breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee. You can nibble and check your emails at the same time!

Fresh, homemade granola makes these dishes taste all the better. However if you just don’t have the time to make it yourself why not try TrooGranola – a new fresh granola delivery service.

The TrooGranola team make their granola in weekly batches and send it to you by post to home or at the office; the perfect combination of delicious, healthy and convenient!

The website is

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About TrooFoods Ltd

TrooFoods is on mission to inspire people to be passionate about gut health and to bring a smile to gut healthy eating through their range of delicious high fibre, low sugar, gluten free products in plastic free packaging.

Kicking it off with breakfast; they are launching a scrumptious range of ready to eat Troo Granola especially designed to provide a gut healthy start to the day. One bowl provides more than 25% of your daily fibre needs; is less than 3% sugar and has as much protein as an egg. Packed with prebiotics it also provides slow release energy and keeps you full ‘til lunch.

Husband and wife team, Helenor and Michael Rogers are behind TrooFoods Ltd. They set up their ambitious family business after 25+ years each in the corporate world. Passionate about food and health; they want to inspire others to eat better to enjoy a healthy, happy life.

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