The THINK Program, for Business Owners from the Baby Boomer Generation – Tools for Strategic Thinking and Better Future Planning
The THINK Program guides and implements transition strategies to help clients reach their personal transition goals.
Transition Planning UK (TPUK) is a leading Business and Professional Transition planning, Coaching transitions and Training solutions provider for a wide clientele. Offering their assistance in helping all navigate through organisational transition, Business transition and Personal transition planning and all life-changing events. Transition Planning UK provides some of the most successful programs for personal and Business transition. One of such programs is the THINK Program for Business Owners from the Baby Boomer generation. They offer tools and skills to help their clients to become emotionally and psychologically prepared for the life beyond their work or business.
Working in the business environment for so long, it can become difficult for many to leave their business. Because they can hardly think of life without their business. It is not surprising that many knowingly or unknowingly choose to die at their desk or refuse to think about leaving their business and search for excitement in their life in new places. With the THINK program, such clients can use the expertise of a professional to begin their transition so they can be one step further to achieving their ultimate personal or business goal. The services from Transition Planning UK ensure such a result.
A representative from Transition Planning UK said, “For most Business Owners from the baby boomer generation, their lives have always been about work-growing their business. As a result their business has become their world and their identity wrapped in it. However, because of such a situation, many privately held business owners are afraid of the life they may have after their jobs. With our THINK program, our client’s expand their thinking and raise their awareness that there is life after work. That life beyond their business offers all kinds of possibilities and that they are free to do many things they want. That working with transition planning UK they would be able to "create their unique dream of personally meaningful new life that they can't wait to go to. Using strategic thinking about both the head and heart issues of their transition process they can create a successful New Future-for their business and themselves. This personal vision keeps the business owners motivated during the business transition process."
Transition Planning UK helps professionals, business owners define their life beyond their career, add value to their business, how they can fill their post-business life with meaningful activities, deal with identity issues and find new purpose for their lives.
About The Company
Brainchild of Simon Aidoo, a certified Transition Planning consultant, Transition Planning UK was formed with the aim of helping organisations and individuals navigate through the murky waters of life-changing events so that they are able to transform these life-changing events into a catalyst for creating something better, and make change work for them instead of working against them. The company offers a variety of private and corporate coaching programs and consulting services for their clientele.
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Transition Planning UK (TPUK) is a Leading Business & Personal Transition Planning; Coaching Transitions and Leading Organizational Transition; Training solutions and Consultancy provider. We Offer proven strategies to our clientele to help them navigate the murky waters of complex Business, Organizational and Personal life changes. We provide them with the tools and skills to handle the personal side of change, which undermines change initiatives and cause resistance to change. Using a unique methodology, we help Business Owners, executives, professionals including athletes, medical professionals, politicians, police, Fire Brigade, teachers etc to make a smooth transition from their careers and businesses into post-career life. By using a multi-disciplinary approach our clients are able to create a satisfying, meaningful and purposeful new life when they call time on their businesses and careers.
There is Life after work and TPUK is here to help you to live an exciting post-career life.

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