We are so excited to be supporting International Women in Engineering Day - 23 June 2018 and to actually be participating in the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards (Thursday 6th December).

Only 9% of the engineering workforce is women. Why is this? To quote Jo Foster D&I Manager at Institute of Engineering (IET) one of the reasons is 'difficulty {in engaging women} down to a masculine and unglamorous image'. This international awareness campaign on 23rd June aims to raise the profile of women in engineering and we at ICD shall be attending the Women in Engineering conference in Birmingham on 22nd June.
At Intelligent Conversation Development we firmly believe that by starting with a greater understanding of gender and related behaviours we are able to break down unconscious biases and build up a collective appreciation and cooperative behaviour. Using insights from neuroscience we share the knowledge to recognise our gender specific behaviours with our forward thinking training program. We aim to help individuals and organisations recognise and take responsibility for confronting stereotype and bias in every day communication and negotiation to enable them to build a collaborative system. We are all communicating and negotiating all of the time - without realising. Every interaction causes a reaction.

'I have done Harvard and Getting to Yes - and this is better' Amanda Williams IET.

Melanie Lilley, founder of ICD, says 'we are so excited about our unique training. As researchers we bring the exciting insights from neuroscience to applicable organisational level for a greater understanding of who we are and the impact we have. We feel the power particularly lies in not only giving young women the techniques to remove the fear factor of a perceived male dominated environment, but also the tools to work with different individuals. We are strong advocates of sharing this knowledge with both genders for greater understanding and collaboration'

Note to editors:
Melanie Lilley founder Intelligent Conversation Development Ltd. I am a a training professional and coach with a passion for understanding people and helping them understand themselves. I specialise in communication and negotiation and am an avid supporter of the interesting insights coming out of neuroscience and translating this into an applicable intervention at organisational level.
I am also an accredited negotiation consultant with a global negotiation consultancy
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for further information
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