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“Tinder for food” app reveals London foodie trends

14 October 2015 10:00


Does your favourite London postcode say something about your food taste?

Yes! claims FOODMOOD, the Tinder-style app that lets user Yum or Yuk dishes served around them to provide personalised restaurant recommendations. “In the six weeks following our launch, we recorded more than 50,000 swipes that already exhibit some trends in Londoners’ food habits.” says Charles Fattouche, FOODMOOD’s founder.

Here are some of the interesting findings.

The posh crowd of Chelsea finally has something to share with the goth-punk turning hipsterish Camden scene…burgers! Who would have thought Sloane Rangers would favour the emblematic junk meal over 3-michelin stars sophisticated dishes? But take a closer look and you’ll get a different picture. While the good old Cheeseburger (Dirty Burger edition) is the favourite dish in NW1, to be praised in the surrounding of Harrods burgers had to use some make up. Topped with buffalo mozzarella, parmesan shavings and sun dried tomato, the Milano steak from Hache Chelsea is the luxury winner. Cliches die hard, don’t they?

Whether working in Mayfair or in the City, office workers and finance professionals get turned on by the Japanese food scene, with respective winners being the sushis of Kiku and Moshi Moshi. Has the Tokyo light option become the wise way to resist the post lunch office nap?

But hang on, isn’t Italian food very popular in London too? It is indeed but mostly north of the river and in areas as diverse as Marylebone and Islington. Interestingly pizza is not on top of the list and pasta is the winner by far. “Taglioni ricotta” from Briciole seduced most people in Central London while traditional “Parpadelle with beef shin ragu” from Trullo took the lead in N1.

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For more on London food trends, get in touch with the FOOMOOD team via email at or on Tweeter @FoodMood_app

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