Time to Think Outside of the Box with So … Visualise!

From a resplendent peacock to gigantic flowers, So … Visualise is set to transform the high street with their innovative visual merchandising company.

Currently based in the seaside town of Scarborough, Lisa Borrie’s inspirational business is ruffling some feathers in the design world.

With clients including the prestigious independent retailers Rigby & Peller and TV production company Lime Pictures (Hollyoaks), Lisa and her team are looking to expand their portfolio into the nation’s key cities and work with established and up-and-coming retailers.

Lisa said: “From working for an international design company in Europe, I realised there is a niche market for prop design, hire and visual merchandising which the independent retail industry is really crying out for.

“I love creative energy and I really push the boundaries with my projects.”

Aged just seven years of age, and while sitting at her Nanna’s kitchen table with blue stencil paint, Lisa discovered her true talent for design.

The mum-of-two built up her business providing key inspirational props to some key clients, including the world-famous Chelsea Design Centre.

Lisa continued: “We know and love that clients are very individual and have their own requirements, style choice and colour palette.

“We offer a ‘pick and mix’ service for our stock props right through to full concept design where the personal touch is key. The quirkier the better, really!

“Rigby & Peller, who have nine stores in London including one in Mayfair, contracted us to portray their luxury summer travel theme across their nine stores.

“We used vintage suitcases, handmade tree swings, and trailing ivy to help capture the essence of their exclusive brand. They were so delighted with the outcome, they doubled their hire period with us.”

Always striving to be ahead of design trends, one of So … Visualises’ current motifs is recycling and using recycled materials in their displays.

Lisa said: “When we heard that Vivienne Westwood’s new collection also had a similar mantra - “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last” - we felt very connected.

“We are always excited to meet new clients as each one inspires fresh ideas. We aim to ‘wow’ and exceed expectations every time.”

Editor’s Notes:

Contact: Lisa Borrie on 01723 259793 or 07927 272934

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We are a creative northern based prop hire design company with over 10 years’ experience in the design industry. Supplying the elements for our clients to tell their visual stories.

Our team is built with the range of artisans that fulfill every client's visual request. In our work we travel nationwide and wherever the visual wind takes us.
So Visualise, offers a range of expert skills including craftmanship, sourcing and installation displays to achieve the desired expression.

We deliver a professional personal experience, carrying out impressive standards of work resulting in appealing and eye-catching exhibits. We work closely with our clients to propose ideas or work to a brief, taking care of their visual needs ensuring their company continues to stand out and succeed in the industry.

Stock props available to hire from our whimsical categories or we can create something bespoke.

...Peculiarity is not only welcome but encouraged.