So Tim Farron has made his first keynote speech as leader at the party's conference. Voters in 2020 may well place their trust in the LibDems but will they do so grudgingly?

In the view of Jeremy Jacobs, presenter and broadcaster who hosts corporate sector events, "despite his enthusiasm and superb delivery, there was a sense of a school spat between a recalcitrant teenage student and a stressed female teacher - 'wasn't my fault Miss' - I refer to the catastrophic LibDem meltdown on May 7th, rather than tomfoolery in the classroom or playground".
The apparent lack of collective responsibility may backfire for the party which so recently had over 50 MP's; Jacobs continues "Had Tim Farron been a little more contrite for the failings of his party's time in coalition, political commentators may have been more gracious in their praise of his rousing speech". "By not acknowledging where they went wrong, he may come across as 'son of Clegg, or 'Clegg 2.0"

One of the key elements to any speech, is to really understand who and what is your audience. "The LibDems will need to reconnect with those voters who abadoned them last time around; Tim Farron's speech was heard in all four corners of Britain but I'm unsure as to whether the public felt he was speaking to them or just a few hundred party apparatchiks in Bournemouth”.

Jeremy Jacobs' top rules for understanding your audience are:

- Research who they are by age, gender, social grouping

- What do they know, or believe

and most importantly......

- What do they want to hear, or putting it another way, ensure your message is spot on.

Jeremy Jacobs is a corporate and business presenter. He hosts sales kick-off meetings, conferences and award ceremonies. With experience in TV, corporate videos and radio broadcasting Jeremy is in demand for a variety of corporate events. Call him on +44 (0)20 3303 3172.

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