BELO, the innovative laptop case which doubles up as lap table, angled to be comfortable for the users’ wrists, and designed to mould to the users’ knees, has just three days to go before their kickstarter campaign closes, and BELOs will no longer be available for early adopters.

Designed by three mathematicians, having watched people juggle laptops on trains, in conferences and in internet cafes, BELO is positioned to challenge laptop ‘skin’ covers and make users’ lives easier, and laptops better protected.

The BELO uniqueness relies on two innovations. Firstly, the robust ‘armour’ design has been created to be both fashionable and protective, and secondly the clever concertino case converts, not to a superfluous cover to be stuffed into a briefcase when not being used, but into a perfectly angled mini table, onto which the laptop clings, leaving the laptop user comfortably typing away whether at a table or on the move.

BELO Co-founder, Simon Jones explains, “Table keyboards are all set at an angle for a good reason, and we have developed BELO to replicate this for laptops. At the same time we have also concentrated on the strength of the case, as laptops are now seen more and more as a critical part of peoples’ lives and need to be protected. We are giving early adopters the opportunity through our kickstarter campaign to receive their BELO, and benefit from its uniqueness, as we enter production in 2017. But with just three days to go before the campaign closes, the clock is ticking.

BELO is making use of the kickstarter programme approach to drive production, as typically kickstarter supporters are the ones who will see the real value of user friendly laptop innovations.

Those wanting to secure their BELO should apply through:

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BELO's the result of a collaboration between KnoGno, a tech and design co. in London and Rodell Design, a Lake District based product designer/developer.
Collaborating over distance we ended up becoming our own target audience. We have worked on trains, in cafes and across continents at times to bring BELO to the world. Creating BELO has been a fantastic journey.
KnoGno (know-know) is 3 docs: John, Martin and Simon, all trained in science or maths and all from careers in some form of technology.
They all also have a penchant for good design and with the ubiquitous role of the laptop in their and everyone's lives, they wanted to combine technology and design with this innovative product.
BELO is a strong, protective case.

Slip your computer out and BELO assumes a wedge, giving you a comfortable, inclined typing surface.

Laptops used to be bad on the lap. No longer with BELO. Now, when using your computer on your knee or on a crossed leg, BELO's unique design conforms to the shape of your body. BELO forms an ergonomic interface between you and your computer, hugging and gripping your legs, insulating you from your computer, making laptop use more secure and comfortable.