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Three changes this week may indirectly affect businesses more than they realise claims the Forum

01 October 2015 14:00


Today sees the introduction of two much-needed reforms to the Consumer Rights Act and the insolvency process that should encourage trade after short-term disruption. The ruling by the EU on whether the US is a ‘safe harbour’ for UK data is however a different matter.

The Forum believes the changes to the Consumer Rights Act will have the least effect on its members: “Our members see customer service as being their key competitive advantage over larger companies. While the changes may take a while to bed in, we expect the result will be to encourage consumer confidence,” claims Ian Cass, MD at the Forum.

“The changes to the insolvency process are long overdue but there is a risk that the creditors of an insolvent company will be inundated with information that they do not initially know how to deal with,” explains Mike Gillard, insolvency practitioner at Mackenzie Goldberg Johnson.

“This issue can be dealt with relatively easily by calling an insolvency practitioner like Mike and they will be able to take you through any report you are sent,” says Mr Cass.

The ‘safe harbour’ issue is far more complex and an adverse judgement may even put certain business models at risk. The implications will however depend on the precise wording of the judgement.

“As ever, we aim to help our members through these changes but it is not hard to see why a number of our members may have to change the way they trade at a time when they are looking to grow,” concludes Mr Cass.


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