London-based MysteryVibe (, YES Organic ( and BareNaturals ( have announced a three-way competition to bring a range of luxury sex products to readers for free.

The prize pool includes a range of sensual scented candles, organic plant-based personal lubricants and the award-winning Crescendo, the world’s first body-adaptable, bendable vibrator.

MysteryVibe co-founder Stephanie Alys is on a mission to make pleasure more mainstream – and tap into consumers’ preference for ethical, sustainable, natural products in the process.

“Building a company that is ethical is no longer a luxury - it’s a necessity,” explains Alys. “Especially when it comes to intimate products - customers need to know that their materials are safe, and that the company is doing all it can to make pleasure more accepted in society.”

“A lot of us aren’t making enough time for pleasure and intimacy any more. By partnering with YES and BareNaturals and giving people a chance to win some free products, we wanted to help more people introduce some luxury and novelty into their sex lives.”

YES co-founders Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks agree. After working together for Pfizer when Viagra was launched, Lennox and Brooks decided to start an intimacy-products business that reflected their values and ethics. Their company, YES, now makes a range of certified-organic, plant-based personal lubricants.

“What we discovered was a gap in the market for a pure and natural personal lubricant. We set out to ‘change the world from the inside’,” says Lennox.

Barenaturals candles founder Darcey Croft found her passion through the devastating increase in deforestation that caused poverty to families and endangered wildlife. She decided her brand Barenaturals, would plant ten trees for each candle they sold. This empowers her customers to become activists directly through their own purchase choices. Darcey explains, “Our individual choices used collectively for the good of people, animals and environment, this will change the world much faster than law, and positive impact through consumerism is the way forward”.

The giveaway is simple - every time you share the link:, you get a point. As you get more points you get amazing, organic free lube from Yes!, beautiful, earth-friendly all-natural candles from the delightful barenaturals, and the award-winning Crescendo from MysteryVibe. This giveaway is only available until Sunday, so to start with your nearest and dearest, and give them the opportunity to win too!

For further information contact Jessica Hale
Phone: +447961974465

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MysteryVibe is an award winning British brand who design and build luxury pleasure products. Founded in 2014, their flagship product, Crescendo, is the world's first body-adapting smart 6-motor vibrator, that can be bent to flex and form to the user’s body and offer countless vibrations through their app, for a truly personalized pleasure experience. They are the thought-leaders in the field and are igniting conversations on the global stages and through mainstream media. MysteryVibe's vision is to deeply understand individual arousal and bring curated content to create an immersive sensual experience in the bedroom. Through their research they also want to support the medical communities to address sexual health issues in a positive informed way. MysteryVibe believes that an enlightened and liberal society is a safer & happier one.