As another academic year comes to an end, more and more students are preparing for life after university. Thankfully, Norwich-based recruitment company Wander Jobs has some advice for graduates.

A company spokesperson said, "After completing a degree, handing in job applications, attending endless interviews and then finally reaching the end goal of a job offer... there can be a whirlwind of emotions: relief, excitement and then, of course, anxiety. Going in armed with some good advice can be helpful when getting started".

1. Be organised

Make sure to write a list of things that you need to do before you start, whether this is sharpening up on certain skills or carrying out research to show you have tried to learn relevant knowledge about the company and industry — students should be used to this type of note-taking!

2. Be confident and approachable

Going in with a smile and a positive attitude can make the world of difference. You might as well try your best to get on with colleagues as you will be spending a lot of time with them, so building rapport early on is a great start.

3. Set off early on your first day

You definitely do not want to be late on your first day. Set off early so you are prepared for any delays and ensure that you get in on time - it's never a bad thing to be in the office before you have to!

4. Don't be afraid to ask

Graduates won't be expected to go in as a ready-made industry expert: questions will come up and it is fine to ask them as it shows that you are trying to further your knowledge. But, considering this, try to use common sense and see if you can Google the question or try to figure it out yourself first.

5. Get stuck in

Employers love initiative and want to see you get right into things (and expressing this during the recruitment process can help to land the job). Be proactive and positive about your work tasks to show that you are a can-do person who can be relied upon, and if you bring energy and a smile to your workplace you will go far.

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