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The Thatcher Years Reenactment Society: New Book of “Left-Field Fiction” Makes Clarion Call to those with a Twisted Sense of Humour…

22 December 2015 15:45


United Kingdom – When it comes to writing short stories, Julian Jackson doesn’t attempt to charm his readers or leave them with happily-ever-afters. In fact, quite the opposite. Jackson has a unique outlook on life that Is influenced by Monty Python, Tom Sharp, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and other left-field humorists.

The book in question is ‘The Thatcher Years Reenactment Society and Other Fictions’. A collection of 12 stories which look at life in an unusual and twisted way.


If you like Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, these short stories will be your cup of bile.

Spend the day with part-time Viking Asgrim, and laugh at his vengeance...

Hear the pronouncements of the Easter Island government as it authorises citizens to chop down trees and indulge in cannibalism, "It is particularly important for health reasons that persons should be fully cooked-through, not consumed rare. Grandmothers can also stick annoyingly between your teeth unless well-marinaded first."

If you like grotesque black humour, surreal invention, and lively characters then this book of short stories will keep you laughing through gritted teeth. "Bring Me the Head of Enver Hoxha" tells the story of a care-in-the-community hostel run like an East European dictatorship by its crazy proprietor...

Many unusual but vivid characters populate the stories: fat Arnold, who enters an eating contest, but finds his main rival is a diminutive student Krysia - nicknamed Jaws - who needs the money - will romance bloom in these unlikely circumstances? How will callous Professor Augustine Mach justify psychopathy? Will gorgeous but vulnerable popstar Echo fall for a vain male model and what will happen if he rejects her?

Who are the Thatcher Years Reenactment Society?

Read this book to find out.

Finally, if you are planning imperialism and global domination, you need "Your Deluxe Bumper Mark 99 Empire: Instructions and Warranty" to ensure you get the maximum return from your conquests.

“I’ll admit that some people might think my characters are quite weird, but you can understand their motivations and they exist in sort-of reality albeit with a lot of comic exaggeration – but this is just the kind of book that will appeal to anyone who likes Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett.” explains Jackson, who also works as a journalist and photography expert. “If you have a strange streak of off-kilter humour then this book is for you.’”

He continues, “But, believe it or not, some elements of the book are still firmly grounded in reality, from tales people told me. One of the most moving stories is April and Auguste, about an actress forced to dress as a clown and give out promotional leaflets. I did know a Stalinist nut of a landlord. The landscape of South London: Brixton, the Old Kent Road, Peckham, are part of the recognisable milieu these stories are set in. I think they are just the right sort of thing to buy for someone whose mind is a bit twisted. That might be you, of course.”

‘The Thatcher Years Reenactment Society and Other Fictions’, from Moai Books, is available now:

USA purchasers:

For more information and to purchase a copy in paperback format, visit the author’s official website:

About the Author:

Julian Jackson is a journalist and photography expert. His non-fiction is published online and in print, covering the environment, technology and the arts. This is his first book of short stories, and is the precursor to a humorous novel, Me, Chimpy, the Autobiography of the World's First Chimpanzee Politician, which will be published next year.

Julian Jackson Tel: 020 7635 9720
Email: website:
The author is available for interview.

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