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Start Up Loans

The Start Up Loans Company now providing Sharia compliant finance

10 February 2014 16:41


David Cameron made the announcement to members of the Muslim community as they celebrated the festival of Eid al-Adha at Downing Street.
Chairman of Start Up Loans James Caan says: “The Start Up Loans Company is delighted to provide Sharia compliant funding, opening up the scheme. This development along with the recent lifting of the age cap means the programme is become more inclusive for all.
“We have received a positive response to the proposal from Islamic finance specialists and faith leaders.”
Start Up Loans currently charges 6% interest, with an average loan value of £5700. As part of the scheme loan recipients are given a business mentor who supports and advises them along their business journey.
We are working with Islamic finance experts to create a Sharia compliant offer. Those wishing to apply for a loan please visit further details.

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About Start Up Loans

We are a government funded organisation that provides loans and mentors for entrepreneurs across England, Wales and NI. We are starting 40 businesses every day and are set to kick start 60,000 businesses by 2016. We attract all business types, from plumbers to apps, fashion labels to cookies. You name it we've funded it! We are particularly focused on helping olderpreneurs come forward to access the finance along with returning mothers.

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