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The Shady Ladies come to town!

12 February 2014 12:02


Turning trash into art is what artist, Frank O'Dea has been creating over the past twelve months with broken and disused mannequins that would have ended up on a scrap heap. The Dublin artist has been collecting body parts - heads, torsos, legs, arms, hands from all over Ireland - and upcycled the mannequins to create bright, colourful pieces of art which have ended up back on display in some places where they were originally unwanted. The uniquely oil painted mannequins continue to attract a lot of attention from both locals and tourists alike at Balla Bn Art Gallery, in the heart of Dublin City. They have been spotted in fashion retail shop windows, shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, etc all over Dublin City as part of the Dublin Festival of Fashion last September.
Retailing at his Gallery from £300-800, depending on which body parts are requested, O'Dea's "Shady Ladies" and "Shady Men" have started to make their way around Europe (Switzerland, Germany) and to the farthest corners of the world - Australia & USA. Artist and Gallery Owner, Frank O'Dea, brings a selection of his upcycled painted mannequins to the Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingham this February.

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