Business training company PopUp Business School is expanding into the United States.

The company, which will be running its first event in Longmont, Colorado on September 5, will be hoping to replicate its success in the UK market across the pond.

Simon Paine, co-founder of the PopUp Business School, said: “When we started the business in 2011 we had dreams of expanding beyond the UK, but to actually be able to do it is amazing."

“Business shouldn’t be an exclusive club for those people with cash or who know how to write a business plan. We want to make it possible for everyone – that’s why we developed our approach.”

The business has already secured a number of strategic partnerships in the United States including Bluehost, Treehouse, Betterment and Mr. Money Mustache.

Pete Adeney, the entrepreneur behind Mr. Money Mustache, said: “There are two reasons I think the PopUp Business school is particularly valuable."

“Firstly, they get right to the point and don’t mess around. On the first day, students are taking active steps towards starting their business, which helps prevent the biggest barrier - the fear of even getting started."

“Secondly they focus on efficiency and positive cashflow, which is the most overlooked factor in both our business and personal financial lives.”

At one of the team’s recent events 43 per cent of attendees started a business within the first two weeks of attending the course and 38 per cent of the attendees made a sale in that period too.

Co-founder, Alan Donegan, said: “The PopUp Business School is changing the way people look at business and challenging their perceptions of what they are able to achieve.”

Many of those attending the current classes are from lower income backgrounds, are on unemployment benefits, or are ex-offenders or single parents and the team are keen to stress the effects their courses have on confidence levels.

The nine day course will teach skills including how to start a business with no money and how to make a website for free with no technical skills.

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Founded in 2011, The PopUp Business School is a business school that is the polar opposite of 'traditional' enterprise support. PopUp Business School travel around the U.K teaching people how to start businesses. They don't believe in loans, business plans or complex financial forecasts. They focus on sales and making money.