Working in London, Charles & Giles were hungry in the office. Come 3 o’clock, they routinely had the hunger grumbles and all there was to abate them was the vending machine.

With the prospect of more vending machine food, these two foodies set out to eat better. They were amazed at the contrast between the office and the plethora of produce that was available in local food markets. So after gathering several bits of reclaimed wood together, 22 nails, a hammer, and two bruised thumbs, the university friends made a box and started delivering market-bought food to offices.

Office Pantry, as it is now known, sources foods direct from independent producers, and the Office Pantry is bespoke to each and every office or school staff room palate.

Office Pantry currently delivers from Edinburgh to Exeter, helping the workers of Britain eat that little bit better.

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