The first year of fatherhood can be wonderfully soul-lifting and utterly awful. It is full of perfect moments, and terrifying ones. Being a first time dad can be awe-inspiring and deeply frustrating - within the space of an hour.

But forewarned is forearmed, which is why parenting website and dad community DaddiLife has collected 100 + tips from some of the country’s best dad bloggers based on the real lived experiences of scores of dads.

The advice ranges from what new dads can expect in those confusing, amazing first weeks, to tips on how dads can bond with their new baby. The list includes hard learned guidance on what to include in your new dad survival kit (wet wipes will become your best friend), and recommendations for the dad skills you’ll need to acquire (and quick).

DaddiLife founder Han-Son Lee says: “With our New Dad’s Survival Guide we’ve tried to put together the kind of guidance we wish we’d had access to when our own children were first born. There’s always been tips for new dads out there, but this guide is, we think, the first time such a comprehensive list of tips for new dads has been gathered in one place online.”

The tips come from far and wide. The dads at DaddiLife have contributed their own pearls of wisdom, but other tips have been gathered from the blogosphere and further afield. The main criteria for inclusion was that tips had to be useful and sourced from a real dad with lived experience to back up their advice.

“Some of the advice - how to burp your baby - is quite obvious, but new dads will still appreciate an easy guide to getting it right,” adds Han-Son. “But there’s plenty of more surprising tips in there too - the sort of insider information only those who have been there and worn the milk-smeared t-shirt will know about.”

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