The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company specialise in the creation of bespoke fantasias and immersive fairytales; contemporary dance, ballet and theatre, bespoke events with incredible art direction.

Their genre defining, cutting edge cast and a seriously ethical message gently addresses issues surrounding environmental sustainability and cultural inclusion, with the premise to participate in a Modern Renaissance: 'elevating entertainment to the realm of fine art'.

The Muses of Ourania highlights the plight of industrial and battery farming, as 'The Elven Prince' and 'Venus Lakshmi' search for their wings. Simultaneously, 15 billion birds send a silent cry into the cosmos, which is heard by Ourania - celestial goddess, morning and evening star and grandmother of the many faces.

The audience is met by The Muses, and seated for a Japanese tea ceremony, as they are guided into an incredible journey through characters from worldwide mythologies such as: The Golden Siren, The Peacock Angel and The Knights of Osirus, amongst others, encountering and participating in the creation of legendary interactive stories which invite the suspension of disbelief.

Birds are sacred to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Costumes are created by an international production house which spans London Fashion Week's Nathan French, cult independent boutique Prangsta Costumiers, Rosie Von Boschan and Holly Jade O'Leary - leading independent designers who add cutting edge high fashion joie de vivre to intriguing narratives, using recycled materials where possible.

Company director, award winning art director, actor and playwright Holly Jade O'Leary launched 'Travellers of the Stars and Void' - a cosmic rocknroll musical fairytale in Berlin in 2013 to international acclaim. German broadsheet Der Tagespiegel stated 'She makes one dream come true after another'.

Here again, alongside Irish showgirl and co founder Sarah Mcmorrow, she brings together a superb international cast, including collaborations with Tuscany born dancer and fine art photographer Andrea Galad, classical Sicilian composer Dario Chillemi, and contemporary artist Antonio Bonocci (Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier).

Prior to this she performed at events across London, including alongside Jodorowsky at Guerrilla Zoo, and was manager of Prangsta Entertainment for 5 years, where clients included Kate Moss, Richard Branson, The White Stripes, Pearl Lowe, Danny Goffey, Rhys Ifans and Anna Friel amongst others.

The Jewelled Moon Theatre company have performed at Schloss Heinrichhorst Castle, Home House and Vout O Reenees; their innovative, imaginative and magical entertainment services encompass set design and immersive theatre, delivering spectacular events filled with the creatures from the enchanted gardens and ethereal realms, created especially for luxury venues and places of outstanding natural beauty.

The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company also work to sensitively raise awareness about issues facing society, inviting guest speakers to 'The Symposium' from all walks of life. The last addressed the Housing Crisis. The following Symposium will be held in November and examine the ethical jewellery market, investigating sustainability, transparency and trace ability in the jewellery and mining industry, how to build decentralized relationships with small scale suppliers to prioritize parity of wellbeing, and how to develop Mercury free artisanal mining solutions, encourage recycling, and the use of renewable energies on a global basis.

'The Goddess - she moves.'

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Original Fairytales.

The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company participate in a 'Modern Renaissance', elevating entertainment to the realm of fine art. The enchanted gardens, and ethereal realms, are brought to life in spectacular characters and compositions created especially for luxury venues and places of outstanding natural beauty.

Award winning art director Holly Jade O'Leary and co founder Irish showgirl Sarah McMorrow take an imaginative approach to creating spectacular events filled with illustrious, magical characters, which take the audience on a intriguing journey. Through use of the performing arts, costumes and live music they create immersive arenas for luxury venues and places of outstanding natural beauty which invite the suspension of disbelief, and also gently address issues surrounding industrial and battery farming, and encourage positive, sustainable solutions, recycling and cultural inclusion through participation in a reciprocal delight in worldwide mythologies and fantasies.