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FYB London

The Handbag with an APP - Fashion meets tech is this the future of fashion?

17 July 2017 08:30


For Immediate Release World’s SMARTEST luxury handbag empowers women to achieve more and points the way to the Future of wearable tech and fashion

Smart phones, social media, air travel & changing work practices have all paved the way for a more mobile, connected lifestyle for individuals in pursuit of their professional and personal dreams. Whilst these evolutions have, in the main, been hugely enabling, they have also created some key dependencies and vulnerabilities in the day-to-day lives of enterprising people.

London Start up FYB® London are the first to lead thew way in combining fashion and technology to provide aspirational women with both style and powered functionality. Designed specifically for the modern woman, FYB integrates the latest SMART technology to offer usability and security into its Collection of SMART Handbags and Luggage. Features include a wireless phone charging pocket (with wired option), allowing you to charge your phone on the move and stay connected. Fingerprint recognition locks offer increased security without needing to remember combinations whilst Bluetooth capability allows customers to open their bag with their smartphone in hand. Bluetooth capability also pairs with an app for a proximity alert if your bag strays a certain distance away ensuring it is never left behind or simply picked up and taken away.

Co-Founder of FYB® London says "This revolution in the fashion industry provides aspirational women the tools they need to live the 24hr lifestyle without limitations, We believe this is the future of fashion, not only to be on trend but to provide truly beneficial features to enable consumers to live a life connected".

FYB® is powered by a team experienced in bringing products to the Outdoors, fitness, luggage and fashion markets. Co-Founder, Jason Lowe, has been previously recognized for causing industry disruption in the luggage field having been chosen winner of the maiden Virgin® Disruptors event held in London where he was selected by a panel including Sir Richard Branson himself.

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Jason Lowe


Tel: 07803432018


About FYB London

We are a duo from Utah and London and have developed and launched the Worlds SMARTEST Handbag,
Our products bring forward the latest in SMART technology with features never before seen in the fashion industry, all geared towards aiding busy, mobile people in their day to day lives. Since launching our brand has been gaining great momentum with the range launching in major department stores across the USA, UK and Australia.

FYB London SMART handbags & travel totes offer the following features enclosed within a timeless, fashion piece:

- Wireless phone charging – So you can simply drop your phone in and let it charge
- Bio-Metric (fingerprint) Lock Security
- Bluetooth® Connectivity and proximity alerts to a phone app
- And Lock / Unlock from your phone!
- RFID Protect Card pockets – Protect your contactless cards
- Organisation to Rival a mobile office

Our inspiration for this innovation is the changing way we work, live and travel. Smart phones, social media, air travel & changing work practices have all paved the way for a more mobile, connected lifestyle for individuals in pursuit of their professional and personal dreams. FYB provides aspirational women with both style and powered functionality empowering them to go further & longer removing some of this lifestyles key limitations such as limited device battery life, security and organisation.

Following our brand launch we have gained coverage in national and global media outlets including the Mail on Sunday, the Metro, Digital Trends and TrendHunter as well as our Founders being featured on a number of US morning news shows including on KTLA5 Morning News ( ).

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