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The dementia crisis and how you can be part of the solution - The Elite Investor Club

01 October 2015 10:15


For immediate release on behalf of the Elite Investor Club..

We heard last week that one in three people born in the UK this year will suffer from some form of dementia in their lifetime. This is the stark finding of a report commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK and carried out by the private research institute the Office of Health Economics. The report found that 27% of boys and more worryingly, 37% of girls born today will be affected by the disease. Early symptoms include problems with memory and thinking and as the disease progresses, difficulty with walking, balance and swallowing.

This looming national health crisis is partly due to rising life expectancy levels over the next 100 years and is further heightened by other risk factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, stress and obesity. Today, dementia already affects a staggering 850,000 people in the UK and whilst research has been going on for years, it turns out that more than 120 Alzheimer’s drugs have failed in trials since 1998. The odds of finding a cure anytime soon aren’t looking particularly good either, with funding levels for research sitting at just 1/5 that of cancer.

The inevitable result of this is that there’s going to be a dementia care crisis. We already have a serious shortage of care homes as it is but what makes the problem worse is that advanced sufferers of dementia need specialist care that simply cannot be provided in an ordinary care home. This leads to one of two routes for dementia sufferers. They either end up in an ordinary care home for the rest of their life, not receiving the care and attention they need as their condition worsens, or they move to a specialist nursing home when their requirements become too much for an ordinary home to deal with. Neither one of these options is ideal. The reality is though, with space being so limited – the first option is the most likely of the two due to the shortage of specialist care facilities. In fact, if you take a look at a typical county in the UK such as Lancashire – only 12% of their care home stock meets the current EU and Care Quality Commission standards. JUST 12%! Not very reassuring if your own mum or dad is living with dementia…

That’s why we’ve formed a joint venture with Lancashire County Council to deliver a state of the art, 210 suite dementia care home in the heart of Burnley. This state-of-the-art facility will deliver 3 levels of care to support sufferers and their families throughout the difficult journey of this challenging condition. This means they’ll no longer be put in the position of moving a dementia patient as their condition deteriorates or worse still, leaving them behind in a home with inadequate care facilities. The Hawthorn Care Village, as it will be called – will be staffed with carers specially trained in Dementia UK’s Admiral nursing techniques – the foremost standard for dementia care in the country.

It’s great to see Lancashire County Council getting involved and acknowledging that this standard of care is urgently required. And you can be involved too. Today we launch the fourth phase of this extraordinarily rewarding investment opportunity. The twelve suites available are the last to offer returns of 12% per year guaranteed for 10 years. Future phases will revert to the 10% per annum returns offered by our other care home investments. As ever, you receive a 125-year lease with full legal title and there are multiple exit strategies available. So if you want to be part of the solution to the looming dementia care crisis and make a really savvy investment to boot – contact us today.

Until next time.

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