Caremark is one of the UK’s leading home-care providers and an award-winning franchisor. At its annual conference in January, the company unveiled a new internal culture campaign, which, after 12-months in the making, is set to revolutionise the brand from the inside out.

The aptly named campaign, ‘Creating the Mark of Excellent Care’, focuses on key areas of business that are vital for operational, regulatory and financial success: greater job satisfaction and reduced stress, performance and pride, recruitment, retention and loyalty. At the heart of these plans sit, not the management team, but individual members of staff – the army of care workers who support clients day in, day out.

“That’s because it’s here,” says Franchise Director, David Glover, “that we find some of our most valuable assets – those who are out there every day, caring for people and changing lives. And it’s through their pride, satisfaction and desire to be the best, that we ensure the success of our individual franchisees and our network as a whole. This is a really exciting time for us and we’re so proud to see months of effort come to fruition and be received with such enthusiasm.”

Culture and values aren’t new concepts – people have been talking about them since the 80s. What is new, is the recognition and importance that leading brands now place on these once intangible assets. For Caremark, this means harnessing the collective power of its 5400-strong care team by ensuring they feel part of a business they can be proud of. It means helping franchisees, head office staff and the franchise support team to feel connected to, and valued by, each other and the board. And it means that each and every person in the business is ultimately committed to being one team, with one goal: creating the mark of excellent care.

Over the course of the next 12 months, the internal culture campaign will bring together the very best of what the company has to offer and fuse it with exciting new resources, new team members and investments in new expert partnerships. The work of new external PR and digital agencies is already raising awareness, showcasing business achievements and celebrating care workers in their local areas - all of which forms part of the Grand Plan to be the number one home care provider, employer and franchisor in the UK.

And make no mistake, that Grand Plan is not one of whimsical ambition, it’s a carefully crafted strategy with key deliverables, as Glover explains: “It’s no secret that we’ve invested significant time, money and resource into our culture campaign because we believe so passionately in what we stand for. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg,”

“As a management team, we wanted to strip away barriers and streamline our structure so that we can truly communicate with everyone in the business, no matter who they are or where they are. We bought in Menzies in 2017 and they worked closely with us on everything from personality profiling to skillset analysis to ensure that, as a Board, we’re doing the best job we can for the business, for our franchisees and for our care workers. Because all of that means we’re doing the best we possibly can for our clients too.”

With over 100 offices nationwide, and recently ranked in the top three UK care franchises, Caremark is the largest privately owned care franchise in the UK. Caremark business owners across the UK passionately support older people and the vulnerable in their local communities whilst building substantial businesses with impressive return on investments.

“When you ask someone to think of a company that invests substantially in its internal culture,” says Glover, “that prioritises its people on the ground, self-scrutinises with management consultants and brings in top industry talent to enhance its team, they don’t instantly think of a care business. We plan to change that.”

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About Caremark

Caremark is the UK's largest privately owned care franchise with a turnover of £65m. We are a leading home care provider with over 100 offices in the UK and Ireland. We support over 6000 customers and employ more than 5400 carers who deliver on average, over 96,000 hours of care, every single week, across the UK.

Established in 2005, we are proud to be a wholly UK owned and operated home care franchise which has an established and successful UK based network. 43% of Caremark franchisees are female, which is almost double the national franchising average. It's a figure we are really proud of. Not only that, but a large proportion of our management team are women, including our Managing Director, Finance Director, National Operations Manager and National Training Manager.

The UK has an ageing population which is estimated to grow some 58% in the next 20 years. As the demand for more complex and highly professional levels of care increases, we continue to provide a quality service to those in need of help and support. There is also a developing awareness that care at home can benefit not only those individuals in need but the hospitals and other organisations that are also responsible for looking after them.