The Believe Foundation is launched on 30th November, 2017, at City Hall, London, with an educational tool designed to stem the ever-increasing tide of domestic abuse by getting to the root cause of the problem.

The Foundation aims to rehabilitate, educate and transform victims lives to take back control of their own destiny by using a holistic approach that heals mind, body and soul.

Says Founder and Author Pauline Fynn, “Two women are killed each week through domestic abuse in England and Wales and for every three victims, two will be female, one will be male. Domestic abuse is the crime that has the highest rate of repeat victimisation.

As part of the launch The Believe Foundation is also launching “Freddie Learns to Behave," a 48-page book positioned as an educational tool, and the first in a series, aimed at 7-9-year old’s. The book aims to reduce and prevent the cycle of abuse within the domestic context; promote positive family life; introduce policing to children in an age appropriate way; promote positive engagement, and explain British values within a multicultural context. The book's distribution is aimed at schools, libraries, safe houses, the police, social services and all agencies involved in supporting domestic abuse victims and children that have witnessed or witnessing abuse at home. The book will also be made available to Neighbourhood Watch groups as part of crime prevention.

The Believe Foundation and it's methods were developed from Founder Pauline’s own experience of domestic abuse which ran for three years and ranged from passive aggressive behavior to overt threats including decapitation. "Domestic abuse is a continuous pattern of behavior which victims have great difficulty withdrawing from, so we need a holistic approach using many methods to heal then transform the entire life of the victim. We use the “Butterfly approach” which takes victims through a process of transformation to become free,” says Pauline. The Foundation will offer one on one sessions, life mapping to break old patterns, group therapy and draw in child victims via the use of the educational resource “Freddie Learns to Behave”.


For Interview requests and more information contact Pauline Fynn, Founder on
Tel: 07474 333 044,

For Publication details and review copies of “Freddie learns to behave”, contact Pauline Fynn

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About The Believe Foundation

The Believe Foundation

An upcoming charity to tackle and address domestic abuse through victim rehabilitation and education; healing mind, body and soul and getting to the root cause of the problem.