The 12 Days of Unfortunate Christmas Events

We all desire a wonderfully magical Christmas period but when the unimaginable pops up
unexpectedly, it can throw things a little off. Luckily The Organisers are always on hand to help. To
spread some Christmas cheer we are sharing our favourite client requests to show how 12 crisis days
of Christmas can be transformed into a perfect Christmas time!

On the first day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘I would love to take my family to Lapland over
Christmas for 2 nights. It is extremely last minute but can you arrange the following for a party of 9:
travel, accommodation, activities – for adults and children, chef and menus for each day?’
Our experienced team excitedly started arranging a bespoke vacation for 4 adults and 5 children. We
booked the most exclusive chalet together with a private host, driver and chef to ensure our client’s
holiday ran as effortlessly as possible. The family filled their joyous days in the run-up to Christmas
with a Husky safari, Father Christmas experience and ice fishing. We worked with the parents to
provide detailed information for Santa Claus to give the most personal and magical experience to the

On the second day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘Help, my nanny is sick with the flu. Please help
me source another one for today.’
We immediately searched our reputable contact list to source the perfect candidate who was placed
with our client that very same day. Our client was happy to be relieved of a stressful Christmas
without a nanny!

On the third day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘I’m relocating and need to rehome my hamster.’
Nobody wants to be alone at Christmas and that too goes for Harold the Hamster. When we learned
that Harold was going to be without his family over the festive period, it became our top priority to
rehome him. After researching potential homes and vetting Harold’s new owners, he was happily
placed in a loving family, the perfect Christmas ending.

On the fourth day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘Can you help me organise a Champagne
Breakfast for my wife and I on Christmas Day?’
We loved our client’s romantic idea and our super-efficient team couldn’t wait to help. The team set
to work finding the highest quality ingredients for the special meal and booked a private chef to
prepare and serve the breakfast on the magical morning.

On the fifth day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘I need a team of staff to join me and my family in
Tangier next week in time for Christmas.’
Our expert Staff and Recruitment division used their extensive list of experienced Household Staff to
put together a team of the finest staff. Within the week our most experienced Housekeeper, Nanny,
Driver and Chef had their bags packed ready to embark on a luxurious, international Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘Our son is turning his life around and we are
looking for a top school which will accept him after Christmas and support his determination to do
The caring team from our specialist Schools and Education department were resolved to grant this
family’s Christmas wishes. With our connections to the top schools and our access to expert tutors,
we successfully supported the young man to place him at one of the best schools in the UK.
We know he is going to go on to pass his exams and enter University - a real turn-around!

On the seventh day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘Moths have attacked my designer wardrobe.
What am I going to wear to all of my Christmas parties?’
Priority number 1 was to make our client look fabulous for that evening’s Christmas office party. Our
Lifestyle department are immersed in the luxury lifestyle world and know all the latest trends.
Working closely with each client, we really get to know their style so we were able to quickly offer a
selection of dresses, purchase her favourite, deliver it personally to the office in time for her to enjoy
champagne and canapés. While our client sipped on champagne we arranged for a local company to
attend her property and deal with the pests.

On the eighth day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘As a Christmas Eve surprise for my children, I
would like Santa and his elves to arrive on his sleigh with real reindeers at our hotel.’
Even though it is Santa’s busiest time of year, we immediately got on the phone to see if we could call
in one last Christmas wish. As we had been good all year, our wish was granted. On the Eve of
Christmas, Santa, his elves and Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer will arrive at the hotel where
they will meet our client’s children and collect the last of their Christmas wish lists.

On the ninth day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘I have been on a road trip around America and
need to fly my bulldog back to the UK. Due to its breed the dog cannot fly for this amount of time,
what do I do?’
Desperate to have the entire family home for Christmas, our client contacted us with this last minute
request. Our team researched the health complexities of this breed, arranged her vaccinations and
an up to date health certificate. Splitting the journey over shorter flights, this well-loved dog wagged
her way through customs to be reunited with her family at the airport in time for Christmas.

On the tenth day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘It’s 11 o’clock at night and I have a house full of
guests over for Christmas celebrations. My guests are in the house sleeping and there is a leak in the bathroom. Help!’
We completely sympathised with our client’s request for efficiency and discretion. We contacted a
professional plumber who we trust and within the hour they were at the property. The leak was fixed
without a single guest waking and their Christmas celebrations went ahead as smoothly as had been

On the eleventh day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘I have been incredibly busy at work and
haven’t had chance to do any Christmas shopping. I need to buy my son this year’s number one toy
and I can’t find it anywhere. Please can you source it for me?’
We made some calls to our extensive contact list in luxury retail to find out if anyone had a secret
hideaway of this special gift. Our client could not believe how quickly we got back to him with the
good news. The next morning, to the delight of a young boy, the gift was delivered to his Mayfair
doorstep wrapped and tied with a ribbon, perfectly timed for the Christmas celebrations.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my client said to me, ‘I have travelled to a remote village in the
Cotswolds for Christmas and have forgotten all of my presents in Yorkshire! Can you arrange to ship
them to me for tomorrow?’
Complete reassurance was offered to our client that we could help them sort this problem. While we
contacted one of our trusted couriers, a member of our team arranged to collect the client’s
home keys. All the presents were picked up and hand-delivered to a picturesque cottage in the
beautiful Cotswolds in time for their perfect Christmas Morning.

If you need to turn a Christmas crisis into a perfect ending or would like The Organisers to help you
create a magical Christmas, contact a member of the team today on +44 (0) 20 7078 7554,
alternatively email us at to find out how we can help.


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