UK Proptech startup HOMIBLE is breaking the mould by vowing to cut their users in on the future success of the company.

HOMIBLE is setting its sights squarely at the Holy Grail of the property world – to reimagine the entire property lifecycle. However, their launch product is a tool that they claim, ‘thrusts the management of our homes into the 21st century’. Their platform covers all aspects of household admin - even your pets get a look in. In the words of HOMIBLE CEO Stephen Geran,

“HOMIBLE is giving users a place to call home online. Other companies would have us believe our homes are nothing more than a tariff or a bill. This just isn’t the case. We have to manage so much under one roof in the real world, so we’ve replicated this online”

Whilst Homible is not afraid to outline its grand vision for the property industry, they are keeping their cards close to their chest when it comes the details – that is unless you are part of their ‘Local Homie Project’.

“Stephen and his team have laid out a unique vision for the property industry; one that creates transparency, choice and best of all, takes power away from the corporate giants. Laying out a grand vision isn’t exclusive to HOMIBLE, what is exclusive to the team is the compelling mechanism HOMIBLE have in place to reverse engineer the industry – and the first to hear of this mechanism are the ‘Local Homies’” T.J Investor

In a unique twist, HOMIBLE are not keeping their juicy roadmap and future plans in the boardroom, they’re engaging directly with a limited number of users across the UK. Homible are looking to sign up 10,000 ‘Local Homies’ (1 to every 2500 homes - cryptic clue??). This band of like-minded people are privy to information usually reserved for fat cats at corporate level. That’s not all. ‘Local Homies’ will be able to earn money through a referral system only they have access to.

“We believe most users could easily refer 50 other people to sign up to their homes online profile. That would be £500 in commission. Just share a unique link and that’s it…..easy money” Stephen Geran

There’s no upper limit to earnings and Stephen hopes there will be the odd ‘Super Homie’ who wants to earn a real income from the system. Referral systems aren’t new or innovative, but Homible are seeking to go a step further with their Local Homie project. Successful applicants not only get commissions and inside information into the plans for the company, they’re also shown how the plans could personally benefit them.

Asked why the Local Homie Project was started, Ex-serviceman Stephen replied...

“lets make no bones about it, for a company to succeed, a great product isn’t enough, we need a loyal following. What better way to generate that than by cutting them into our success. We aren’t talking £5 Amazon vouchers here, but real, potential life-changing benefits for those who believe in what we’re building. New tech companies crop up every week, so we want to differentiate ourselves. Not only that, the 10,000 Local Homies are key to future stages of our company vision, so we want to engage and reward them now, so all the pieces fall into place later”

Homible claims to be laying the foundations for a completely new way for properties to be managed and transacted, one which the stubbornly resilient monopoly won’t see coming. So how does the Local Homie project sound to you? Places are on a first come first served basis. The only conditions are that you must own or rent a property and have an active Homible account.

Intrigued? You can claim your property profile here
and register interest in the Local Homie Project here

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HOMIBLE - A worlds first online property network that aims to reinvent the property industry. We have created an online property profile for every home in the UK. Users just have to claim it for free.

Homible replicates one simple aspect of ‘ye olde’ property management. We have represented your home in the very place it is managed. We used to manage our homes in the real world. Our homes are in the real world. Now our homes are managed online. So, your home now has an online profile.

With a holistic approach to property, managing your home has never been so simple. Need to securely store an insurance document? No problem. Want to get reminders for car tax and MOT dates? Just enter your vehicle registration into your online garage. Want to find out if you’re paying too much for energy? Just sync your energy provider account with your property profile and we check the energy market for you.

Your property profile covers everything from pets to car insurance, broadband deals to property values. Energy savings to document storage. Everything you need to efficiently manage your home.

So, join us, create your property profile and make the most of your home, online.

Households rejoice, property innovation has finally arrived.