1. I am self financed

2. I am a medical aesthetician and phlebotomist and studied nutrition. I am NOT a beautician!

3. I am NOT another beauty product! My product is a cosmeceutical, which means high percentage of natural, organic ingredients.
NO angel dust!
Which is where a brand includes the smallest amount of an expensive ingredient known to have exemplary results, but in a quantity that make no difference to your skin at all, because the percentage is so small. But generally consumers are caught out by this.

4. We produce and manufacture in London, which makes the production more expensive and exclusive, but I am in control and I approve every batch personally every time we are producing a new batch to make sure it's perfect. We also produce small batches, so I will always guarantee a fresh product that will be applied to your skin not been for years in a warehouse before you apply it onto your skin.

5. I am proud to say I am a British Brand, using my German knowledge to create excellence for Britain. In creating my own superior cosmeceutical formulations.

6. My company moto is "Restore and Maintain Skin Confidence"TM

7. We cured a severe case of 'cradle cap' on a 4 weeks old baby girl, which also shows the products are so gentle and can be used safely by everyone. I have had to create very special products in order to stand out from the crowd and being the first in Europe to use a high percentage of a totally natural ingredient, with a very technical sounding name XA-STNO has helped, it is an ingredient which is sure to become a cult must have, due to its amazing effects even on skin suffering conditions such as rosacea fine lines and wrinkles. Also the fact that it only sourced from ecological sustainable renewable source tickes all the boxes for me personally.

8. We are not ONLY treating severe skin condition, it is a range that everyone can use!

9. My next goal is to get my Cover Rescue Créme dermalogicaly or medically recognised. But first I need to raise £60k for the testing.

10. Where can you buy our products:
On my website and there is a special discount code for 20% off for sisters and the promotion code is all lower case sistersnog.

You can also find my products at:

Amazon Luxury Beauty
My Beauty Matches
Danesfield House Spa Hotel Marlow
Spa Illuminata
Forever Young Clinic Marlow
Northcote Road Pharmacy
Smartway Pharmaceuticals
The Body Retreat

Next year 2017 available at:
John Bell & Croydon Wigmore Street W1
Wimeldon Village Pharmacy
Belle Luxury Beauty Services
Beauty Logic (Shopify)

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Claudia Fallah Cosmeceuticals 'Restore & Maintain Skin Confidence' Designed & Made in London Since 1999