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Ten 87 studios ltd

Ten 87 encourage producers to seek success in the studio

26 April 2018 09:00


London, UK: Ten 87 Studios are inviting all bedroom producers to fulfil their potential by stepping out of the box room and into a real studio environment in order to enhance their careers.

Ten 87 Studios provide a 24-hour service that gives ambitious music producers access to state-of-the-art recording equipment that would otherwise be unavailable. The Haringey-based team are actively encouraging artists to stop passing half-finished songs around the internet and get into a real studio environment that facilitates true co-working and collaboration. Traditional music studios are closing left and right but Ten 87 are holding out to provide facilities for music production as it should be done.

A company spokesperson for Ten 87 Studios said: "In the modern music landscape, it's harder than ever to stand out. Anyone can stitch together a few loops and synths with some free software and a battered laptop, but reaching that next level takes a bit more courage and effort. Our studios give producers the technology, the environment and the opportunity to make the most of their music and reach the level they deserve.'

About Ten 87 Studios:

With over 30 high spec creative studios built in less than four years, Ten 87 Studios have a proven track record of giving producers everything they need to create music that gets noticed.

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About Ten 87 studios ltd

We provide workspace for music and sound.

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