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Rocking Ur Teens

Teens Rock during National Apprenticeship Week

28 January 2015 08:22


Rocking Ur Teens CIC in association with intelligent information specialists Thomson Reuters are pleased to announce their inaugural Rocking Ur Teens Conference on 12 March 2015 at Thomson Reuters Canary Wharf HQ.

"We aim to create a global community of teens that make change happen." says Co-Founder Jenny Garrett

Confirmed keynote speakers Emma Barnett (Women's Editor of the Telegraph), Yasmin Ali (Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2013) and the Mandeville Sisters (Presenters and vLoggers) will be sharing life experiences and inspiring messages.

The one day conference will focus on supporting teen girls in a safe, fun, informative environment to learn, share and grow whilst providing effective tools to help them successfully navigate their teen years.

Pupils will take part in workshops including 'Making Good Choices’ and ‘Female Entrepreneurship’. A plenary panel of Thomson Reuters graduates focusing on Apprenticeships, Internships & Graduate programs coincides with National Apprenticeship Week, which runs from 9-13 March 2015.

Teens will end the day pledging to make social change, alongside the live vocals of Tendai.

Forward thinking corporate sponsors and supporters of this event so far are: Thomson Reuters, Elexu, the National Careers Service and Plotr.

Rocking Ur Teens is a community interest project developed to motivate and empower young teens to share their experiences and take an active role in defining their futures and careers.

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About Rocking Ur Teens

Rocking Ur Teens is a Community Interest Company whose vision is to connect teens for a positive and vibrant future.

Our Mission is to

• Create a global community of teens that make change happen.

• Catalyse a community of teens who collaboratively create personal and social change.

• Equip teens to enjoy their teenage years, whilst also using this time to catapult them to future career success.

We do this through Teen Conferences

Starting in the UK and expanding Globally within 5 years.

The conferences focus on: Self, Collaboration, Career and Making a Difference. Aimed at 13-14 years olds in Year 8 & 9 of School.

Year 1 (12th March 2015) - Teen Girls Conference UK

Year 2 (2016) - Teen Girls and Teen Boys Conference UK

Year 3 (2017) - European Teen Conference

Year 4 (2018) - Global Teen Conference

Year 5 (2019) - Teen Awards

Our first confernce is oversubscribed with over 200 teen girls attending, and is being hosted by Thomson Reuters Canary Wharf

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