The development of technology such as Case Management systems and Skype and has empowered women within the legal profession, according to an independent female solicitor.

Alison Goodier, Manager of Wills Express, the trusted Chelmsford solicitor which specialises in wills, said: “I have found that diversity is important in any workplace, but that as a woman you can often be overlooked by employers. There is still a lack of understanding about trying to achieve a work-life balance and the UK still has a long way to go when you compare us with more liberal Scandinavian countries.”

Alison cites childcare as a significant issue and explains that she was never given the option to work part time when she had children.

She added: “I have met a number of women who set up on their own to take back control of their lives and took advantage of technology to work flexibly. A target-driven, macho culture with long hours does not make everyone happy and technology is empowering women to work differently and is creating more individuality in the legal profession.”

Looking back on more than 10 years in the industry so far, Alison remarks on one of her first cases, saying: “As a newly qualified solicitor working on a contentious probate case I overheard a client saying that she was relieved she was seeing me and not the male partner because she would have a chance to breathe and get her thoughts together.”

She added: “Clients feel comfortable, but as a young lawyer in particular you have to engender trust in your clients so that they respect your advice and don’t constantly seek the opinion of a more senior man to verify what you have said.”

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Wills Express is an online solicitor business based in Chelmsford, offering Will drafting, preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney, and advice upon Advanced Directives and applications for Grants of Probate.

Director Alison Goodier has more than 10 years of industry experience.