A Leeds-based technology entrepreneur has launched an innovative, web-based platform for interactive quizzes.

Business leaders, entrepreneurs and members of the public attended a launch event for KwizzBit at The Editors Draught in Leeds on Thursday 30 March 2017.

Attendees were invited to be one of the first to test the ground-breaking new technology, with players taking part in four rounds of KwizzBit and enjoying a game-show atmosphere.

The KwizzBit software combines the traditional format of a pub quiz and fuses it with the excitement of interactive digital entertainment. Allowing users to host and engage in entertaining multiplayer quizzes online via a smartphone, players compete for the ‘fastest finger first’.

KwizzBit, formed by successful entrepreneur Mark Walsh, in partnership with pub quiz guru Steve Saul and technology expert John Sheard, is played in real-time format. It is therefore cheat-proof as it does not allow users the opportunity to search online for answers.

The launch event featured music from a dedicated KwizzBit DJ and raised more than £400 for local homelessness charity, Simon on the Streets.
Following the success of the event, KwizzBit will be played at The Editors Draught every Sunday at 7.30pm and members of the public are invited to come along and play with friends.

With more than 60 combined years’ experience in the pub industry, the three KwizzBit directors aim to use KwizzBit to revive the Great British pub industry and eventually take a variety of other sectors by storm.

Commenting on the launch of KwizzBit, Director Mark Walsh commented:

“We’re thrilled at how well the digital platform was received by attendees at the KwizzBit launch event. The feedback was overwhelming and players seemed to be having a great time competing for the fastest finger first title. KwizzBit is the next generation of the pub quiz, bringing the traditional quiz format into the digital age and we have seen significant interest from several other sectors too. The software provides a great platform for marketing, learning and development. The launch event was the first steeping stone in allowing us to gain the necessary feedback from players and showcase how fantastic this software works within a pub environment.

“Restoring the Great British Pub is a passion of mine and I’m delighted that KwizzBit, which only requires a mobile phone to play, is becoming noticed for the exciting opportunities it provides the industry with.”

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Kwizzbit is a new online platform supporting interactive quizzes.

Founded in 2016 by Mark Walsh CEO of Rocket Horse Ltd, the Kwizzbit platform and the technology behind the game are being developed into an interactive solution for other markets. Kwizzbit has already been trialled by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) as a learning development tool, endorsed by Leeds MP Greg Mulholland, and has received interest from national giants including KPMG and Sky.

Following his previous success with the successful pub game, Rock and Roll Bingo, Mark gained key insight into customer findings and feedback and used his learning experiences to develop Kwizzbit. Kwizzbit has also been validated by business partners John Sheard and Steve Saul, who add their experience in quiz and business development, technical expertise and project management to the mix.

A multi-faceted online quiz platform, Kwizzbit provides a unique cloud-based solution which customers can access on their smart phones. Having attracted attention from a variety of sectors, Kwizzbit has ambitious plans to roll out the game through pubs and clubs across the UK

Kwizzbit enables hosts and venues to deliver a unique interactive quiz through an internet browser and broadcast to people’s smartphones and tablets creating a game show format in a real-time quiz environment. Originally intended to transform the traditional pub quiz, Kwizzbit is currently being tried and tested with several pub chains and has already been part if a major industry showcase.

Currently based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Kwizzbit is set to deliver interactivity for a variety of purposes including audience participation during conferences and events, as a learning tool for training and development and the next generation of interactive marketing.