AN EDUCATION tech entrepreneur is heading to Beijing next week as part of an international trade discussion, involving the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Sarah Mintey, a former headteacher and the founder of global education platform Developing Experts, will be facilitating a number of focus groups and workshops during her Far East visit, in order to learn more about education software products required for the Chinese market.

The high-profile undertaking follows discussions with TAL, which is the largest homeschool distributor in China.

During the visit, Sarah and her senior team will also be meeting with two potential investors, who are keen to explore potential investment and partnership relationships with the Norfolk firm.

If successful, these investment scenarios could be worth as much as £10 million in a bid to take the Developing Experts to an even greater international audience.

Sarah, who first began the China-focused explorations through an initiative led by UK Trade, believes this visit marks a pivotal moment for the East Anglian-born company.

She said: “We are so delighted with the level of global interest which Developing Experts has achieved to date, and this particular visit really builds on those early foundations.

“During our time in China, we’ll not only be meeting with investors, but will be meeting with parents and teachers to develop focus groups dedicated to understanding how we can better re-shape our teaching and learning platform for the Chinese audience.

“It’s imperative that we consider things like the transition to Mandarin-language format, and that we look at other nuances around how Chinese parents and educators would prefer to engage with what we offer.”

The company, which has over 100 acclaimed scientists from across the world contributing to its unique education platform, is based in Norwich and has a team of 18 staff.

Sarah added: “At a time when there is a lot of discussion around whether UK businesses are losing out in respect of international trade ‘nervousness’ we are so pleased to be engaged in such important discussions.

“We are looking at how our product could potentially be used across 23 Chinese provinces, each of which have about 20 million young people – so the scale is vast.”
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