This ‘World Teachers’ Day’ (Wednesday 5th October) curious teachers from across the UK are signing up to take part in the first ever ‘Teacher Email Challenge.’ From the 9th October teachers will be sent 14 fun and snappy challenges across 14 days, designed to promote collaboration, share ideas and raise a smile in the classroom.

The fun challenge is the brainchild of Chloe Mortimer, founder of Supply Box, a start-up company that uses an online platform to connect schools with self-employed supply teachers. Chloe acknowledges that the pressures and demands on teachers can be tough. But by taking part in this exciting challenge, Chloe aims to ensure that teachers will look forward to starting the day with a fun and positive message, spark new ideas, inspire their class and win prizes; all in the time it takes to make a coffee!

Details of the challenges will be kept under wraps until their release date and teachers will have just 24 hours to complete them. The challenge will begin on the 9th October and run for 14 days until the 23rd October. There is no limit to how many teachers take part, those who would like to join can sign up online at

Chloe comments “We are all really looking forward to launching the UK’s first Teacher Email Challenge. We don’t think teachers always get enough praise and recognition for the work they do. The challenge will bring teachers together from across the UK and give them a platform to share ideas, learn something new and often, just to raise a smile!”

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Chloe is the founder of start-up business, Supply Box. Supply Box is not just another agency; we are revolutionising the supply teaching industry by becoming the ethical "Uber" of education. Our online platform matches schools with a community of self-employed supply teachers. We stand for fairness, transparency and quality.