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Taking the effort out of household e-bills for consumers

11 February 2016 09:30


With more and more companies pushing paperless billing it is increasingly difficult for consumers to keep track of household bills. Free online service Onedox ( is making life easier by collating “e-bills” into one simple, secure location.

Replacing the once-forgotten household filing cabinet with a secure, easy-to-use online service, Onedox has created a service that provides a free, centralized view of household accounts and key information, without requiring the customer needing to keep it up to date.

Most recently, Onedox has launched a solution for copies of household bills to be automatically filed into the customer’s own Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Commercial Director David Sheridan said “We’ve designed Onedox to make it easier for people to access and manage their household account information. Adding support for Dropbox and Google Drive is another way we can help people get a better understanding of their household bills without the need to spend lots of time filing paperwork or logging in to multiple online accounts to download statements.”

As well as storing “e-bills” securely online, Onedox also alerts consumers to upcoming important dates, such as contract renewals, and provides assistance to move to better value deals.

Onedox supports all major providers across gas, electricity, Internet, TV landline and mobile accounts as well as motoring information such as MOT and vehicle tax.

For further information, visit or for a video explainer of the service.


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Press Contacts

David Sheridan

Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Tel: 07540 572123


About Onedox

Looking after your household bills is a pain. They cost you a lot more time and money than they should.

Onedox securely and automatically collects your bills and works for you to ensure you never waste time or money on them again.

Onedox is a free, secure service that enables you to take control of your household bills.

It provides you with a clear, single view of your important household account and bill information across gas, electricity, TV, Internet, landline, mobile, MOT and road tax.

It enables you to ensure your household accounts are in good health and that you are always getting value for money.

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