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Sea Sky

Take Your Relationship on Holiday

07 April 2014 11:29


Partners Debbie Reeds and Lawrence O’Connor come from backgrounds in life-coaching and acting: the unique combination of their skills and experience create inspiring, dynamic courses. They now offer a retreat for couples to explore that challenging territory: being in a rewarding relationship — yet still remaining true to ourselves.

Manantial de Tara is located in rural Tenerife, in the Canary Islands with sea views framed by the drama
of the mountains; it’s an ideal place to chill in the sunshine or splash in the sea — to be in harmony with ourselves and the people we love most in the world…
The centre is based on sound ecological and mindfulness practices. What better way to reconnect and remember what we truly mean to each other than in this perfect environment far from the stresses of our everyday lives?

Says Lawrence: “In a safe, idyllic environment we will learn ‘to experience life a little more deeply and fully.” “There’s no reason why participants won’t be leaving us with their skin tingling and hearts singing!” adds Debbie.

So what will happen; what to expect? If the idea of living authentic lives resonates with you — if you are willing and curious you will learn much from this adventure... The subject of how to strengthen our intimate relationships doesn’t have to be an elusive one, or a struggle. On this course you will join a small, friendly group, sharing a common purpose of Being True to Yourself & Each Other.

Using practical tools based on their dynamic course methodology, including improvisation, interactive
role play, storytelling and group exercises — that are both fun and creative, you’ll be guided as you learn. You’ll enjoy the journey, and arrive at fresh perspectives, deep insights and ready-to-use alternatives to the rehearsal of negative patterns we all use to hold ourselves back. Learn how to transform those blocks, and reorient our relationships around our joint passions which will return them to a place of wellbeing. Our truths are often unvoiced and we feel stifled, but as we work towards expressing honesty, so mutual appreciation grows into something beautiful, something lasting. The truthful, loving and accepting relationship we all desire will seem less elusive and one we can knowingly create each day.

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About Sea Sky

Sea Sky
Courses for creative people wanting to live and work more authentically
Come and join us in spring 2014 at the rural eco-centre, Manantial de Tara in an unspoiled region of Tenerife. Share a unique immersive learning experience of deep-work using practical tools, techniques
and processes based on personal growth and performance principles.
Spend a week working in a group as a creative community in the Canary Islands with its climate famous for year-round warmth and sunshine. Enjoy freedom, space and time away from the pressures of daily life to reflect and focus on what’s important.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The
purpose of life is to give it away.” ~ Pablo Picasso

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