t plus drinks have introduced a revolutionary new ‘detox’ vitamin enriched hot drink for the new generation of health conscious individuals.

t + detox consists of a cleansing blend of green tea, added B and C vitamins, milk thistle, dandelion root and ginger root in a natural apple and blackcurrant flavored tea designed to naturally and gently cleanse the body.

Antioxidant green tea works to help reduce oxidative stress and free radical build up in the body and with this, t plus adds in 50% RDA of 9 essential vitamins and functional herbs dandelion root, ginger root and milk thistle to aid in natural detoxification.

Unlike many ‘detox’ and ‘diet’ teas that promote the use of laxative herbs such as senna leaf in their teas, t plus have taken a unique approach to provide a holistic detox tea through natural green tea, herbs and replenishing vitamins, while at the same time blending with natural fruit flavourings to make an appealing, refreshing tea.

Each t plus tea is blended for specific functional need, in a way no other hot drink does. t plus blend the best mix of herbs, vitamins and natural fruit flavorings to give you the exact effect that your body needs. Other teas in the range are t + boost, t + immunitea and t + multea. Every t plus teabag contains 50% RDA of 9 daily essential vitamins, therefore 2 cups a day amount to your daily vitamin intake. No other hot drink in the market can offer that.

T plus is perfect for a post gym healthy kick, a weekend wellness pick me up and is the answer to any over indulgencies.
Each box contains 15x individually wrapped tea bags with a mission to make it easier for everyone to do themselves some good in a way that is easy, natural and tasty.


About the brand / notes to the editor
t plus is the brainchild of tea lover and entrepreneur James Dawson. His aim was to create a new range of ‘smarter tea’ that brings a new category of healthy, functional and great tasting drinks to the UK.

Each box of t plus contains 15x tea bags and has a RRP of £3.69.

t plus is available to purchase online at and from over 60 selected health stores nationwide. New national listings to be announced soon.

Contact details
All enquiries-
Call: 07948 571 391 Social Media- Facebook: tplusdrinks Twitter: @tplusdrinks Instagram: tplusdrinks

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About t plus drinks

The UK's first range of vitamin enriched super green teas!
We blend green tea with vitamins, herbs & fruit to create an all new range of functional, healthy & great tasting teas. Designed to make the world of tea, a little smarter!