t plus drinks launch a month long #smarterswap campaign to encourage individuals to make small, easy swaps in their everyday routine to achieve an overall healthy, happier individual.

Husband and wife duo James and Jade Dawson created t plus with the intention of making a new generation of nutrient dense, healthy hot drinks. Each cup of t plus amounts to 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins ( including vitamins B12 and C ) and so they came up with the idea for the campaign to encourage people to swap their standard breakfast teas with vitamin enriched wellness drinks. They then expanded on this by introducing the #smarterswap campaign to inspire people to not only swap their choice of hot beverage, but to also make small swaps in their everyday routines to achieve an overall healthier life.

t plus are asking people to make a healthy “pledge” which can range from cycling to work instead of driving or swapping time on social media of an evening with yoga/meditation.

The notion behind the campaign is to put the spotlight on the month of February after January has been and gone and to encourage people to continue with their healthy New Year’s resolutions even if they’ve slipped up in January. The #smarterswap campaign aims to inspire people to reset and take things on again to make their desire for change achievable. The campaign is launched both online and offline and as well as launching activity on social media they’re also visiting offices in Manchester and Leeds to improve the healthy drinks situation in the workplace.

t plus have recruited 8 “Smarter Swappers’ which consist of a range of influential healthy individuals, bloggers and nutritionists who are acting as brand ambassadors for the campaign to promote it to their fans and followers.


About the brand / notes to the editor
t plus is the brainchild of tea lover and entrepreneur James Dawson. His aim was to create a new range of ‘smarter tea’ that brings a new category of healthy, functional and great tasting drinks to the UK.

Each box of t plus contains 15x tea bags and has a RRP of £3.69.

t plus is available to purchase online at and from over 60 selected health stores nationwide. New national listings to be announced soon.

Contact details:
All enquiries-
Call: 07948 571 391 Social Media- Facebook: tplusdrinks Twitter: @tplusdrinks Instagram: tplusdrinks

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About t plus drinks

The UK's first range of vitamin enriched super green teas!
We blend green tea with vitamins, herbs & fruit to create an all new range of functional, healthy & great tasting teas. Designed to make the world of tea, a little smarter!